Chapter 422: Coiling Arc Planetary System

The Northstar Fleet hadn’t just brought corpses and immortal items. There had also been plenty of magical treasures, spirit stones, and immortal stones. That wasn't mentioning the energy from all of the spirit stones that came with the Quake-Dawn Continent.

It was a vast amount of resources that would give rise to endless experts in the Sage Monarch Continent.

In fact, in the years to come it was highly likely that the place would give birth to Demi-Immortals.

In Sage Monarch City, the direct bloodline of the Yang Clan already had a huge stockpile of magical treasures, but that was now bolstered by the amazing things they had acquired from the Northstar Fleet.

After all, the Northstar Clan was one of the top administrative groups in the Megaplexus planetary system and the wealth they had at their disposal was unimaginable. They had equipped their fleet with everything imaginable in their mission to go acquire more slaves.

But in the end, they ran into Yang Qi and his mother, losing everything.

Lord Quake-Dawn had done the same with all of the resources of the Quake-Dawn Continent. In the end, the Sage Monarch Continent was already on the path to surpassing the Hanging Mountain.

After all, the Hanging Mountain was split between two factions, but the Sage Monarch Continent wasn’t.

At the moment, Yang Qi’s immortal clone was an eighth step Great Sage, just on the verge of reaching the Epic Saga Step, and the Holy Mother had already imparted her Jade-Emperor Profound-Welkin Exalted-Celestial God-Dao to him.

Unfortunately, not even Yang Qi’s clone could use the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth. Without the God Legion Seal, not even immortals in heaven could cultivate the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth. For example, Ghost Emperor Yama had already reached the limit of what he could do with the Infernal Deity Spear and found it painful to use the technique at high levels.

Of course, because Yang Qi’s immortal clone shared thoughts with his true self, it had a foundational understanding of the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth. And because of that, it was an easy thing for him to work with the Jade-Emperor Profound-Welkin Exalted-Celestial God-Dao.

As such, the immortal child’s powers were growing and growing. Although he was only an eighth step Great Sage, he was already strong enough to fight Lesser Demi-Immortals.

Once enlightenment was passed to the immortal child through Yang Qi, he would achieve further breakthroughs and become even more domineering.

The other inhabitants of the Sage Monarch Continent were also benefiting dramatically, and were reaching incredible heights of battle prowess. Yang Zhan, Yang Yunchong, and Yang Hualong were all Great Sages. In fact, there were already over thirty Great Sages in the lands, which was a fighting force of no insignificance.

The Sage Monarch Continent was truly rising into glory.


Yang Qi was now capable of even more incredible speed. He flitted past millions of planes, until he eventually left the Yore-Wilds planetary systems and reached the border of the Four Wilds. At that point he was in the Dark True Void, where he was surrounded by nothing but endless darkness.

This was a border put in place by the immortal worlds, similar to walls that might exist between mortal nations.

The Northstar Fleet had spent significant resources to cross that void, as it was a place that was easy to get lost in.

The slightest turn in the wrong direction and one could find oneself in an eternal darkness from which escape was impossible. There were billions of trillions of planes within the Dark True Void, places that not even Demi-Immortals could safely enter.

However, Yang Qi had the Lord's Eye, which made it possible for him to see in even the most difficult conditions. And his Angel Wings could propel him through all barriers, and to the most distant regions.

In fact, as soon as he was in the Dark True Void he realized that there were mysterious heavenly workings everywhere, apparently the manifestation of immortal power.

The countless distorted planes that filled the place made it impossible to gain a sense of direction.

“Let sagelight bathe the Dark True Void. Let radiance and light bring the glory of the legion of gods!”

He began shining with brilliant light, including the gaze of the Lord's Eye, which pierced through anything and everything.


One of the planes he passed was filled with endless bones and shattered blades, and was apparently an ancient battlefield. After all, people would occasionally enter the Dark True Void on campaigns to find treasures from the ancient past. Unfortunately, even entire armies would sometimes go missing and end up floating in the darkness for all eternity.

At the same time, there were also cultivators who established mansion grottos there, taking advantage of the infinite peace and quiet to further their cultivation.

There were the remains of immortals, countless weapons, medicinal pill books, martial arts records, and internal pellets.

As Yang Qi looked down at the huge battlefield, he identified the corpses of Great Sages, although the passage of time had scraped the remains clean of any spirit energy.

With a wave of his hand, he sent down a field of sagelight that melted all of the bones.


As he did, a shock wave spread out that destroyed everything in the area and revealed that there were actually numerous wormholes present.

Blurring into motion, Yang Qi headed toward one of the wormholes that actually seemed to be moving. As he neared, he saw something that he initially mistook for a dragon or snake. It was actually a pupa, of sorts, that was devouring space itself to create a wormhole.

‘It’s a primeval godworm!’ he thought, his heart pounding with excitement.

Of all the types of godlings that existed, primeval godworms were among the most bizarre. They looked like silkworms, but vastly larger. They were born out of the void itself, and existed by consuming space and magical laws. Their passage through the countless planes of the primeval past were what created wormholes to begin with.

For the most part, primeval godworms were considered extinct.

They were incredibly powerful; if one could capture and raise one, it would be similar to having a direct connection to the magical laws of space. In fact, they could even be used to pass directly through planes of existence.

Some people said that if you could raise a primeval godworm to maturity, it would be able to eat through the barriers of immortal worlds.

In ancient times, the godworms were so powerful that they were said to be able to belch out spatial magical laws to form cocoons that were like immortal sealing marks. Because of that, immortals would risk their lives to try and capture them.

Of course, it was only the adult godworms who could seal and eat immortals.

Godworms like this would hardly ever show up in the mortal world in modern times. If they did, they would lurk in ancient aspects of space-time and become patriarchal entities who could kill millions of Yang Qis in the blink of an eye.

This particular primeval godworm was huge, but very weak at the same time. It was obviously a newborn larva. But even as weak newborns, godworms were still as powerful as Demi-Immortals, and the more space they consumed, the stronger they would get.

‘This is my lucky day! I can’t believe I ran into a primeval godworm larva! Considering that it's a newborn, I wonder if I can capture it. If it were any bigger, it would definitely be able to eat me. I bet if I feed it with the Blood of the One God, it would grow even faster. And with its abilities to eat space, bolstered by my divine abilities, perhaps I can use it to reach the Hell of Mahānata sooner rather than later.’

Before, he had assumed it would take months, or even years, for him to reach the Hell of Mahānata and that he would be stuck as a second step Great Sage for an indefinite period of time. But now, things had changed.

Getting into the Hell of Mahānata was his ticket to achieving further breakthroughs, and considering the enlightenment he already had he should be able to reach the ninth step almost immediately.

It was hard to even imagine how strong he would be then.

The godworm here was a few dozen kilometers long, beige in color, with compound eyes and a gaping maw.

Right now, all it cared about was eating as much space as possible, to the point of ignoring any danger around it.

Yang Qi reached out to grab it with the Hand of the One God.

Seemingly aware of the danger, the godworm suddenly looked up and spat godpower out of its mouth that became a spatial prison around Yang Qi.

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