Chapter 420: No One Survives

Lord Quake-Dawn tumbled down, transforming from a blood dragon back into a human as he fell.


The shining, blood-colored light faded away as the Holy Mother grabbed him by the neck and held him out in front of her. She had used three moves from her godly-class energy art: Eternal Unknown, Deathless Demolishing, and Immemorial Incorruptibility, to completely and utterly vanquish Lord Quake-Dawn.

His face filled with both terror and shock, he said, “Don’t kill me! Don’t—”

“If you don’t die, then who does?” the Holy Mother said, remaining as cool and calm as could be. “You plotted against me and tried to kill my son. Both are unforgivable sins.” Tightening her grip, she sent a stream of true energy into him.

“I… I won’t let this go!” he growled, his expression turning from terror to fury. However, a moment later he devolved into utter despair. All he could do was stare into the Holy Mother’s eyes as if that would drag her into hell with him.

A moment later, his soul vanished and he turned into a corpse. Lord Quake-Dawn, maniacal schemer and sixth order Prime Demi-Immortal, had perished.

As he did, the blood-colored mass that was all that remained of the Quake-Dawn Continent began crumbling.

At this point, the Holy Mother turned….


In the blink of an eye, she was in the middle of the Northstar Fleet and one of the ships exploded, transforming into fragments that floated down into the Sage Monarch Continent.

Another Lesser Demi-Immortal was dead.

In this moment, the Holy Mother was invincible. She attacked again, killing more Northstar Clan members and sending their corpses down into the continent below. She had decided that she was going to make a scene, and it would be a big one. None of the people who had threatened her son were even close to her level. Therefore, they would all die.

Thanks to the nine drops of blood from Yang Qi, she had completely recovered, expunged the curse, and restored her life force. Even more relevant, her Jade-Emperor Profound-Welkin Exalted-Celestial God-Dao had improved and transformed. However, it had all come at a price. Yang Qi was visibly ashen and withered as though he had burned virtually all of his life force, which, of course, angered the Holy Mother to no end.

A true massacre was playing out, and ultimate destruction was visiting the Northstar Fleet.

One ship after another was destroyed and sent down into the Sage Monarch Continent, until there were only two people left surviving, Northstar First-Truth and Northstar First-Summer.

Thanks to their immortal items, they were still able to hold out.

“Let us go, Holy Mother. We’ll go back to the Northstar Continent and even give you some powerful magical treasures in compensation. Our clan will also reward you for sparing us!”

“Yeah, they’ll give you plenty of treasure!”

In response to their pleading, the Holy Mother laughed coldly. “Let you go back to the Northstar Continent? You mean, let you go so you can gather even more top experts to come back and attack my son again? No. You’re dying right here. Enough jabbering.”

“You wicked savage! It's not like we can’t kill you if we really try! Die!”

“Die!” Clearly, the two Demi-Immortals were putting everything on the line in one final act of despair.

Unfortunately, the Holy Mother’s power levels were still increasing, and as they closed in on her she blurred into motion, destroying their momentum and grabbing onto their throats.


Majestic godpower bashed into their souls with such force that their nascent divinities, which were ensconced in the plane beneath the Megaplexus Heaven, were completely wiped out of existence.

They were dead, and they had no hope of being resurrected.

Two more corpses tumbled down into the Sage Monarch Continent.

The entire Northstar Fleet had been wiped out of existence, including tens of thousands of lower-level cultivators and roughly a hundred top experts.

But the Holy Mother wasn’t done. Waving her hand, she pulled over the wriggling mass of blood and gore that was the remains of the Quake-Dawn Continent. Also present some distance away was a majestic cathedral hovering in the void.

“Ninja God. Winter God. Wilds God. Oracle God. War God. And you… Holy Daughter. All of you, show your faces. Ant-like wimps such as you have no right to call yourselves gods.” The ninth step Great Sages powering the spell formation in the Quake-Dawn Cathedral were all dragged out into the open, as was the Holy Daughter.

“Spare us, Holy Mother!” the Wilds God wailed. “Please spare us! We had nothing to do with Lord Quake-Dawn’s plot. He forced us to do it. We’ll repent of our evils and walk the righteous path! We’ll be your slaves!”

“You think I want a crappy slave like you?” the Holy Mother said, her eyes flashing. The Wilds God screamed as his sea of consciousness was destroyed, after which he dropped down toward the Sage Monarch Continent, nothing more than a corpse.

In quick succession, she destroyed the souls of the War God, Winter God, Ninja God and Oracle God. Soon, the only person left was the Holy Daughter.

“So, you’re the one who gave birth to that Crown Prince,” the Holy Mother said. “How did it happen? Tell me. I refuse to believe that ridiculous story of you dreaming of falling stars. Your son ended up dead at the hands of my son, but he did have the legacy of King Immortal-Slayer at one point. Presumably, he was connected to some higher power in an immortal world. But who? Who’s backing you? Or was it all just some trick? After all, the immortal worlds aren’t exactly safe and peaceful places nowadays.”

The Holy Daughter burst out laughing. “Torture me, kill me, do whatever you want. But don't think for a minute that I’ll tell you anything. And if you kill me, someone will definitely come to avenge my death. My son was the transmigration of an almighty entity from the immortal world and he was supposed to be invincible here. But somehow your son got the God Legion Seal and killed him. I suppose it's the will of heaven. The purpose of King Immortal-Slayer’s legacy is to defy heaven and slaughter gods. Your son is going to die eventually. It’s predestined! The glory of the legion of gods will end in this epoch, there’s no question!”

“The legion of gods is invincible, omniscient, and omnipotent,” the Holy Mother said. “They are so mighty that no language exists which can properly praise them.

“Any who provoke them end up dead. It was that way in the countless epochs of the past, and it will remain the same in future epochs. Your son died because he deserved to die. By the way, this ‘someone’ who you say will avenge you is presumably Chancellor Demi-Immortal, right? I know that he's in the Titan Emperor Collegium, but, unfortunately for him, my son is a member of the strongest group there, the Invincible Society. That lover of yours doesn't stand a chance. Alright, since you’re not going to talk I’ll kill you and search your memories. Considering the level of your cultivation base, I’d hoped to keep you alive to be a servant girl for my son. But since you insist on being pigheaded, then get ready to die.”

As the word ‘die’ left her lips, an eye opened up on the Holy Mother’s forehead and dazzling, celestial light shot out, slamming into the Holy Daughter and killing her.

The crisis was over.

Not a single enemy escaped alive. The Holy Mother had killed them all, and as a result, the Sage Monarch Continent shone with more radiance and light than ever.

The Holy Mother floated down to Sage Monarch City, and looked anxiously at her son. “Qi’er, are you alright? We were in a very dangerous situation. Thank goodness you gave me those nine drops of blood. What kind of blood was that? After I got them, my cultivation base improved dramatically and nothing could stand in my way.”

“I’m fine, mother. But I did sustain major damage to my vital energy. Given some time, I’ll recover, though. That blood is called the Blood of the One God, and it was produced by my God Legion Seal.” It was somewhat of an effort for him to keep his eyes open, and he looked very pale. However, he was clearly excited. The Sage Monarch Continent was surrounded by broken battleships and shattered corpses, which clearly contained the power to change the face of heaven and earth. Now he didn’t need to come up with some complicated plan to get the resources he needed.

He had nearly a hundred Demi-Immortal corpses from the Northstar Clan, including three Prime Demi-Immortals, or actually four, including Lord Quake-Dawn. In terms of seventh, eighth, and ninth order Great Sages, there were simply too many to count. And the battleships were also magical treasures of immeasurable power.

He had the two immortal items, Void-Demolisher and Myriad Oceans. And that was not to mention the mass of flesh and blood that was the Quake-Dawn Continent, which had eighteen Yore-Wilds’ Heart fragments in it.

The latter was the most relevant of all.

Events were actually turning out much the way that Elder Seventh Brother Meng Shafan had suggested. He had proposed sacrificing the Quake-Dawn Continent to help Yang Qi, only to be refused by Elder Second Brother. [1]

That casual recommendation had turned out to be quite prophetic.

‘Eighteen Yore-Wilds’ Heart fragments. Incredible. How did Lord Quake-Dawn manage to get his hands on all of them? I don’t think I could have acquired anything more valuable.’ After giving up so many drops of Blood of the One God, Yang Qi’s cultivation base had regressed significantly and the particles within him had gone backward, turning from dracomammoths into ordinary megamammoths.

Thankfully, his soul was very stable, and after observing the amazing fight he had reached the enlightenment level of a ninth step Great Sage.

With all of the resources he had at his disposal, he was confident in being able to restore his cultivation base to its previous condition. In fact, he would probably be able to wake more particles within him; possibly even all of them.

The only downside was that refining all of the corpses and materials on his own would take a very long time.

The Holy Mother settled down cross-legged in front of him. “Qi’er, there’s no way you can break down all of these corpses at once. Didn’t you have a mission from the Titan Emperor Collegium to go to the Coiling Arc planetary system and look for the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart? Why don’t you let me help out here? Besides, thanks to your help, my godly-class energy art grew more complete and is heading toward a breakthrough.”

“Out of curiosity, mother, what level is your godly-class art?”

1. Meng Shafan made this suggestion in chapter 404.

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