Chapter 420: No One Survives

Lord Quake-Dawn tumbled down, transforming from a blood dragon back into a human as he fell.


The shining, blood-colored light faded away as the Holy Mother grabbed him by the neck and held him out in front of her. She had used three moves from her godly-class energy art: Eternal Unknown, Deathless Demolishing, and Immemorial Incorruptibility, to completely and utterly vanquish Lord Quake-Dawn.

His face filled with both terror and shock, he said, “Don’t kill me! Don’t—”

“If you don’t die, then who does?” the Holy Mother said, remaining as cool and calm as could be. “You plotted against me and tried to kill my son. Both are unforgivable sins.” Tightening her grip, she sent a stream of true energy into him.

“I… I won’t let this go!” he growled, his expression turning from terror to fury. However, a moment later he devolved into utter despair. All he could do was stare into the Holy Mother’s eyes as if that would drag her into hell with him.

A moment later, his soul vanished and he turned into a corpse. Lord Quake-Dawn, maniacal schemer and sixth...

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