Chapter 419: Madness

The mysterious and enigmatic Lord Quake-Dawn was actually a raving madman, and his plan was to sacrifice everyone in his continent to absorb their power.

As he used his most mysterious and deadly techniques, eighteen blood-red halos appeared behind him, which were manifestations of the very same type of Yore-Wilds’ Heart fragment that Yang Qi had.

It was almost impossible to imagine how much power that represented.

“I've remained in hiding for too long now, and the time has finally come to make my move. The Holy Mother of the Hanging Mountain has a spectacular technique, the godly-class Jade-Emperor Profound-Welkin Exalted-Celestial God-Dao. Her son has mysterious powers as well, such as the legacy medallion of King Immortal-Slayer. I’ll soon have them for my own, and the essence of the Northstar Clan too! They're all mine!”

His face twisted as he chuckled madly. “I spent years building up the Quake-Dawn Continent, but this place is too small. It’s not worthy of my talents, and it isn’t capable of fulfilling my aspirations.”

The Quake-Dawn Continent began shrinking amidst torrents of blood, while the Yore-Wilds’ Heart fragments grew stronger and stronger.

The Ninja God, Wilds God, Winter God, War God and Oracle God were all staring in abject horror. The only one who seemed to approve was the Holy Daughter. “Crown Prince, you might have been a god from heaven descended into the mortal world, but you were still my son. You were killed by Yang Qi, who bears the mark of the legion of gods. Maybe you weren’t a match for him, but I’ll kill him, take that object, and use it to become an immortal. I’ll sacrifice his soul to heaven on high, then do everything in my power to resurrect you.”

The transformations to the Quake-Dawn Continent were dramatic to the extreme. In less than an hour, all of its inhabitants were killed, including the members of the Grand-Wilds Mansion. Only a few people survived—the core figures who were present in the Quake-Dawn Cathedral. Even the disciples of the cathedral itself were killed.

Lord Quake-Dawn didn’t spare anyone else.

From a distance, the Quake-Dawn Continent shrank down and down until it was like a ball of wriggling, bloody flesh, emanating a stench of gore and devils. It even had blood-colored dragons swimming on its surface.

It was at this point that, in completely unexpected fashion, strange patterns appeared on Lord Quake-Dawn’s skin, which rapidly took the shape of dragon scales.

“This….” the Wilds God blurted in terror. “Lord Quake-Dawn isn’t human! He's a vile dragon! An ancient blood dragon. He’s a dragon from the Hell of Fresh Blood!”

It was true. Lord Quake-Dawn was a blood dragon whose bloodline stretched back to the Hell of Fresh Blood.

“Attack!” Lord Quake-Dawn shouted and, as he did, the Quake-Dawn Continent continued to shrink down rapidly until it fused with him, forming a single blood dragon that rushed toward the Holy Mother as she fought within the trap of the Northstar Inert Wither-Glory Death Formation.

The dragon conformed to a bizarre path of travel as it sliced through the void in deadly fashion.


The blood dragon came with a rain of blood and incredible power. In the blink of an eye, the Northstar Fleet, the Holy Mother, and the Sage Monarch Continent were cast into a shade of bright red.

“Ambush? But who?!”

Northstar First-Truth and Northstar First-Summer had called on animadestiny immortal items to fight the Holy Mother with shocking levels of power. But even with that, they were struggling, and at the moment all three of them were like oil lamps on the verge of flickering out.

How could any of them have anticipated that Lord Quake-Dawn would turn into a blood dragon and join the fight at the last minute? It was like pouring fuel on a fire and gave the Northstar Clan and the Holy Mother no choice but to try to defend themselves.

Massive amounts of vital energy erupted out as the Northstar Fleet’s flagship shattered, and both Northstar First-Truth and Northstar First-Summer were slashed viciously.

As for the Holy Mother she staggered backward, keeping her eyes on the blood dragon.

Maniacal laughter erupted out as the blood dragon resolved into the form of Lord Quake-Dawn, in whose hand was a quivering mass of bloody flesh, which was all that remained of the Quake-Dawn Continent.

“Sacrificial Blood Dragons!” he said, and blood dragons swept forth in all directions to lock the entire area down.

Lord Quake-Dawn continued to laugh in the face of the incredibly weak Holy Mother and the bedraggled Northstar Clan. As of this moment, he knew that he had ultimate control.

“Just who exactly are you?” Northstar First-Truth said from his position within the fleet. 

Northstar First-Summer glared at Lord Quake-Dawn and added, “Why did you launch this sneak attack?”

“You people are idiots,” Lord Quake-Dawn replied. “The whole reason your Northstar Clan crossed the Dark True Void was because I sent you information about King Immortal-Slayer’s legacy medallion. That's why you’re here in the Yore-Wilds planetary system, isn’t it?”

“So you set this whole thing up?” Northstar First-Truth shouted. “Who are you really? How dare you offend our Northstar First Clan? You’ve got some real guts!”

“Who am I really? Wouldn’t you like to know? Unfortunately, you’re all going to die without knowing who killed you. After absorbing your power, I’ll easily be able to reach the Revered Demi-Immortal level. I’ll also have a godly-class energy art and King Immortal-Slayer’s legacy. I’ll probably be a Universal Demi-Immortal soon after, or maybe even a Paragon Demi-Immortal. And you think I'm afraid of the Northstar Clan?”

Turning to look at the Holy Mother, he said, “Holy Mother, I never could have imagined that you would get this strong. No wonder you have August Patriarch Mammoth Heaven completely under your thumb. In the end, though, it doesn’t matter. I'm going to take your godly-class energy art and your son’s godly-class energy art too. You two got lucky at first, but sadly, the truly lucky one is going to be me.”

“Let’s go!” Northstar First-Truth shouted. He and Northstar First-Summer immediately took control of the fleet and turned it to leave.

However, in response, Lord Quake-Dawn threw out the Quake-Dawn Continent, which turned into a massive sheet of blood that spread out to completely cover the fleet.

Whack. Whack. Whack. Whack! Whack!!! 

Countless blood dragons swept out, causing screams to erupt as members of the Northstar Clan were stabbed through. Even the ships were pierced. In the shortest of moments, massive casualties were inflicted on the experts of the Northstar Fleet.

“You’re going to die too, Holy Mother!” Lord Quake-Dawn growled as he turned to personally attack her.

The deaths of everyone from the fleet only served to improve Lord Quake-Dawn’s energy art.

“Don’t hold back, Mother!” Yang Qi shouted in the critical moment. “Here, take this!” Suddenly, nine drops of blood flew out of his forehead and pierced into her.

It was Blood of the One God, that extremely precious substance which he had built up in his forehead.

“This….” The Holy Mother suddenly felt herself filled with a holy and pure energy that immediately drove the curse out of her soul.

All of her wounds healed up, and the damage to her vital energy was reversed. In fact, she even gained further enlightenment of the Jade-Emperor Profound-Welkin Exalted-Celestial God-Dao.

‘This is my son's blood?’ she thought. Eyes glittering brightly, she looked back at Lord Quake-Dawn and lunged forward.


Lord Quake-Dawn’s blood dragons hit her, but instead of hurting her they were simply absorbed.

Her eyes seemed to contain the destruction of countless planes of existence as she advanced into battle, everything around her turning into jade.

“Eternal Unknown!” she said, throwing her hands out in front of her. An immense rift appeared in front of Lord Quake-Dawn which gobbled up the rest of his attacking blood dragons.

“You!” Lord Quake-Dawn blurted. “You recovered your strength?! But how? You were just about to die! I was sure of it! No spirit medicine could have helped you to recover that quickly.”

“Deathless Demolishing!” the Holy Mother said, ignoring him as she drew on the same deadly technique she had used to slaughter Northstar First-Rank.

The void was demolished and a deathless entity appeared. The Holy Mother’s will seemed to fill all of heaven and her hands ripped apart reality, sending beams of godly light out like heavenly swords that slashed everything in their path as they bore down on Lord Quake-Dawn.

“Blood Dragon Emerges from Hell!”

Lord Quake-Dawn transformed into a blood dragon again, surrounded by blood energy that formed an enormous cage to trap the deathless entity.

The Holy Mother snorted. “You think becoming a blood dragon is going to help you, Lord Quake-Dawn? You did well to remain in hiding all of these tens of thousands of years, lurking in the depths of the Quake-Dawn Continent. Now you’ve shown your true form, and sacrificed the entire Quake-Dawn Continent to do it. How many experts became pigs led to the slaughter by you? Unfortunately, you’re not going to escape this fight. You plotted against me and my son. Therefore, I'm going to show you a consummate technique that I just gained enlightenment of. Immemorial Incorruptibility!”


True energy swirled out in front of the Holy Mother to create daoist symbols in which lurked incorruptible spirits, almost like angels. They even sang holy hymns and psalms, lauding the majesty of the ancient gods.

The will of Immemorial Incorruptibility spread out, piercing into Lord Quake-Dawn’s forehead and entering his sea of consciousness.

Lord Quake-Dawn screamed as shrilly as Northstar First-Rank had. As his soul was strangled, he began to gurgle and splutter, then his body collapsed and his soul and aura began to fade away.

“I refuse to accept this! How did you recover!? You were fighting for so long and were out of energy. I'm going to kill you, Holy Mother! Prison of Blood! Eternal Sealing!” Burning his last bit of life force, Lord Quake-Dawn unleashed a sealing mark in the form of a prison of blood that shot toward the Holy Mother. Truth be told, it was a fledgling version of the Hell of Fresh Blood.

“Complete crap!” The Holy Mother clenched her hand into a fist and punched out, destroying the Prison of Blood and causing a rain of gore to descend onto the Sage Monarch Continent.

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