Chapter 417: Scheming (Part 1)

In a surprising turn of events, Northstar First-Rank, a sixth order Prime Demi-Immortal and the top expert in the Northstar Fleet, had perished.

He was actually the admiral of the entire fleet, to whom Northstar First-Truth and Northstar First-Summer always deferred. But the Holy Mother had used only two moves to shatter his minor world and kill him.

Not even his soul escaped destruction.

The Holy Mother’s godly-class energy art had truly reached a peak level.

The two moves of Eternal Unknown and Deathless Demolishing made her unkillable in this situation. If news of this spread to the other three of the Four Wilds, or even the Central Planetary River and the Titan Emperor Collegium, it would cause a huge stir. In fact, the leaders of the Titan Emperor Collegium could theoretically report the matter to the immortal world above and be rewarded as a result.

“What? Northstar First-Rank’s soul was destroyed? He’s truly dead?”

“His aura is completely gone. And his corpse disappeared after it fell onto the land below.”

“It's being refined...

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