Chapter 416: Three Prime Demi-Immortals

All of these experts were Prime Demi-Immortals. 

Northstar First-Rank. Northstar First-Truth. Northstar First-Summer. They were virtually invincible and could easily devastate the entire Yore-Wilds planetary system. They could probably even cause rainstorms of blood in the Titan Emperor Collegium. 

That wasn’t to mention the fact that in the fleet of hundreds of ships, there were dozens upon dozens of other powerful Demi-Immortals. In fact, there were nearly a hundred, including Lesser, Greater, Profound, Potent, and Tyrant Demi-Immortals.

Working together, they could power the Northstar Inert Wither-Glory Death Formation to cause all creation to wither, to eradicate heaven and earth, to destroy heavenly daos, and more. It could even absorb the souls of its enemies. It was the most powerful magical weapon the fleet could unleash, and not even top Demi-Immortals could escape its power. 

And right now, both the Holy Mother and the Sage Monarch Continent were square within the crosshairs of the formation.  

However, the Holy Mother’s expression was as calm as a child who had just awoken from a nap and her eyes were devoid of even a hint of fear. 

In contrast, Yang Qi’s heart was pounding. In all of the Yore-Wilds planetary system, the only person who would, and could, defend him was his mother. If she couldn’t hold the line, the result would be complete and utter destruction. She was a powerful Prime Demi-Immortal, but her opponents included three experts who were actually further along in their cultivation than she was, and they were backed by nearly a hundred other Demi-Immortals who were powering a deadly spell formation. Whether it was in terms of numbers or raw strength, she was at a disadvantage.

Taking a step forward, Northstar First-Rank said, “Stand down and wait to be taken into custody, savage. We have nothing more to say to you. If you want to avoid dying, submit to us. We’ll even let your son live.”

“Your only other option is to watch your son die a horrific death,” Northstar First-Summer added. “Don’t forget, this area of space is sealed, making escape impossible. But if you surrender to us, we’ll come up with an excuse to explain how your son escaped and he’ll be free to go.” 

Considering these stipulations, Yang Qi’s confidence was beginning to waver. 

Meanwhile, the three Demi-Immortals were carrying on a secret conversation via thought projection. 

‘Let’s unnerve the bitch first. Let her son go and make sure she completely submits to us. Afterward, catching her son again should be easy. What do you think?’ 

‘Sure. Unnerving her is definitely the best option.’ 

‘I can’t believe this savage has an incomplete godly-class energy art. What level do you think it is? Lesser godly-class? Common? Greater? Consummate? Perfect? Paramount? Lordly?’ 

‘It doesn’t matter. It’s an energy art from the legion of gods, and those things are rare even in the immortal worlds. Even a lesser godly-class art would be many times stronger than any immortal skill. If we could get our hands on it, we would finally have hope of reaching immortal ascension.’   

The Holy Mother looked at them and could already tell what they were thinking. “You people think you can intimidate me? Demoralize me? Sorry, I'm not that weak. You have three Prime Demi-Immortals in the late stage, plus a deadly spell formation powered by nearly a hundred Demi-Immortals. That’s a lot of power. Ah, what a pity….” 

Suddenly worried that he didn’t understand the situation after all, Northstar First-Rank frowned and said, “What a pity? What’s that supposed to mean?”

“What a pity that all of you are going to die,” the Holy Mother replied. “I'm going to massacre you and use your flesh, your blood, and your souls to give to my son as a gift. I want him to reach the highest level possible, and you people are the perfect tool to do that. You see, I was just working on my cultivation for several months in a row in the Hell of Gloom and Darkness. Want to see what I learned?” 

Before she even finished speaking, a sound rang out like the chiming of heavenly bells. At the same time, jade-like streaks spread out in all directions, forming into ten thousand jade swords arranged into a spell formation. In some ways, they seemed like actual magical treasures, but in other ways, they seemed illusory. 

Unexpectedly, these were weapons similar to Yang Qi’s Infernal Deity Spear. When he summoned it, it was usually a singular spear, but that was because of the limitations of his cultivation level. If he was a high-level Great Sage, or even a Demi-Immortal, then similar to his mother, he could summon a whole host of Infernal Deity Spears and use them to create a powerful formation.

“Primal-Origin Wondrous Jade Emperor’s Sword Formation!” As the immense sword formation thrummed with power, it made everything in the area seem like it had returned to the era of the ancient Yore-Wilds. Magical laws and true energy alike were sliced away from reality by the spell formation. 

“Let the Jade Emperor Come! Divine Dao of the Exalted Celestial!” The Holy Mother’s garments rippled out, expanding to create an entire world of jade. Meanwhile, jade halos appeared behind her head, including yellow jade, green jade, white jade, and more…. There were a host of jades, all of them pure, clean, untainted, and noble in all respects. 


Backed by the formation of ten thousand swords, she rushed forth to attack her three Prime Demi-Immortal opponents. It was a case of one versus three, if you didn't count the other hundred Demi-Immortals and the grand spell formation formed by the hundreds of ships in the fleet. The Holy Mother’s tenacious ferocity was on full display, and everyone who could observe it was shaken to the core.


Her momentum was so shocking that when she reached the defensive true energy fields of her opponents, she bashed through them like a boulder crushing a drinking glass. 

“Hand of the Exalted Celestial!” Countless streaks of jade lightning formed together into an enormous hand that crushed its way into the core of Northstar First-Rank’s minor world, then bore down on the man in deadly fashion. 

“What?” Before he could even react, his minor world was broken open, and the Holy Mother appeared right in front of him. He still had Northstar First-Truth and Northstar First-Summer flanking him, as well as the hundreds of ships in the fleet. But at the moment, he felt like he was facing her wrath alone. ‘How could she be this strong? She just became a Prime Demi-Immortal! How is she doing this!?’ 

There wasn’t any time for further consideration. As the Hand of the Exalted Celestial closed in on him, he could sense the terrifyingly deadly energy fluctuations and knew that he absolutely couldn’t let it hit him.

“Half Withered, Half Glorious; Half Mental, Half Physical: Wither-Glory Life Destruction Energy!” In the blink of an eye, Northstar First-Rank transformed. Half of him seemed to flourish gloriously, like a growing infant, while the other half seemed to wither rapidly, like an ancient god that existed only in the primeval epic sagas. He thrust his hands out, summoning an image of both life and destruction. 

In this art, withering represented destruction and glory represented life. This was another miraculous technique from the Northstar Clan, a heavenly-class energy art that could rival the greatest immortal skills: Wither-Glory Life Destruction Energy. 


When the two techniques collided in the middle of Northstar First-Rank’s minor world, a vital energy shock wave burst out that shattered the world’s greyspace. 

“Divine Dao of the Exalted Celestial! Let the Immortal Kings Come to the Mortal World!” The Holy Mother drew her power back into her, then summoned the projections of countless immortal kings, like Demolishers from the host of immortals. At the same time, her aura grew stronger and more majestic and numerous mystical phenomena appeared around her. Spatial rifts opened and magical laws twisted and distorted. Time and space swirled to form magical symbols, causing wormholes to spring up everywhere, connecting to parts unknown. 

“Withering and Glorious Heaven and Earth! My Word Destroys, My Word Gives Life!” As the words left Northstar First-Rank’s mouth, his minor world suddenly became glorious and filled with life. This was an immortal dao that was so powerful that he could reverse life and death with a single thought. 

Completely unfazed, the Holy Mother said, “Eternal Unknown!”

Her eyes seemed completely and utterly blank, empty of all emotion. Even her clothing remained motionless, making her seem like some sort of statue.

An enormous rift opened up, erupting with an energy that seemed eternally unknowable. This was one of her most deadly moves, Eternal Unknown. The past was eternal, and the unknown was terrifying. In fact, to most people, the most terrifying thing of all was the unknown.

Mystery. Terror. Banishment. Sealing…. All sorts of energies from the ancient legion of gods were on display. As soon as the rift opened, it began consuming everything in the area, causing the minor world around it to shrink, wriggle, and eventually collapse! 

Northstar First-Rank’s minor world shattered. Vital energy erupted in all directions and magical laws were thrown into chaos! As for Northstar First-Rank, he tumbled backward with blood spraying out of his mouth. Shockingly, he was unable to defend himself from the Holy Mother’s attack and received a grievous injury to his vital energy. 


The Holy Mother slipped forward and chopped her hand out, moving so quickly that Northstar First-Rank couldn’t dodge the blow. Unexpectedly, he was chopped in half, causing blood to spray in all directions. He, a powerful Prime Demi-Immortal, had been sliced in half by the Holy Mother’s deadly move, Eternal Unknown. 

“Wither-Glory Life Destruction; I Embody Life!” Of course, being sliced in half didn’t kill him. In the blink of an eye, he recovered.

As he did, Northstar First-Truth and Northstar First-Summer finally regained their composure and launched attacks of their own. 

“Damn this savage bitch!” 

“Activate the formation!” 


The Northstar Inert Wither-Glory Death Formation was activated, sending numerous shafts of blinding light toward the Holy Mother and the Sage Monarch Continent. 

“Deathless Demolishing!” In the shortest of moments, the Holy Mother shifted her tactics slightly and unleashed another move. Countless magical symbols spread out in all directions, creating a deathless entity, a projection of jade that fused with the Holy Mother. As the fusion occurred, her power levels skyrocketed and her long hair whipped about her.  As she thrust her hand out, both Northstar First-Truth and Northstar First-Summer were shoved backward.

Then the Deathless Demolishing move slammed directly into the reeling Northstar First-Rank.  

The deathless entity appeared again, except this time it burrowed into Northstar First-Rank. A look of terror covered his face and he threw his head back and screamed. 

“Don’t destroy my soul, I—”

Unfortunately, he was too late. Deathless Demolishing was a deadly move, and gave birth to a deathless entity which would enter the enemy’s body and destroy both his will and soul. Northstar First-Rank's face spasmed and he let out a final scream before his aura vanished and his life force faded away.

A moment later he was a corpse, which tumbled down into the Sage Monarch Continent and Yang Qi’s Hellfire Crucible. It only took two deadly moves on the part of the Holy Mother to slaughter a sixth order Prime Demi-Immortal. Eternal Unknown. Deathless Demolishing. They were the ultimate expressions of a godly-class energy art, similar to Yang Qi’s Creation, Destruction, and Nature.

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