Chapter 415: Tossing Corpses into the Crucible

Another Lesser Demi-Immortal, an elder from the Northstar Clan, had been killed by the Holy Mother.

With seemingly no effort on her part, she killed him and sent his corpse flying like a meteorite down to the Sage Monarch Continent. 

“Qi’er, for the sake of your energy arts, I'm going to slaughter all these people from the Northstar Clan. Let’s see how strong they actually are!”

Down below, Yang Qi was breaking down and assimilating all of the power, which was already causing transformations to the continent around him.

In the past, he had done similar things with mountains of fiend-devils from hell. But the highest among them had been fifth step Great Sages, which put significant limitations on what he could do. But now he had two dead Demi-Immortals, which was already bringing about dramatic changes.


The corpse of the Lesser Demi-Immortal fell into the Hellfire Crucible, which burned with sagefire so intense that it was almost liquid.

That seemingly liquid flame wrapped up the corpse of the dead elder, almost like a cocoon, and dragged it into the depths of the continent to become a core element of the surrounding lands.

He might only have been a Lesser Demi-Immortal, but that was still like the power of a hundred thousand fifth step Great Sages. It was a level of power that was almost without limit.


The corpse exploded in the depths of the continent, becoming countless sand-like particles filled with power that filled every corner of the Sage Monarch Continent. Mountains rose up and rivers formed. The lands were expanding again.

The power of a single Demi-Immortal was profoundly significant. After all, the old Rich-Lush Continent hadn’t been strong enough to produce even a single Demi-Immortal.

Everyone who lived on the continent could sense what was happening. The rivers around them were not ordinary water, but spirit elixir, and the fish and other creatures that grew in them were things of incredible power.

The continent was reaching a higher level yet again.

The newly birthed mountains were nearly solid spirit stones, except covered with mighty trees, spirit medicines, animals, and plants.

All sorts of seemingly primeval terrain features were springing up.

Meanwhile, the immense blessing of power was pushing the immortal child toward the eighth step of the Great Sage level, and Yang Qi’s true self was propelling his one hundred million megamammoths to the level of dracomammoths. He had the feeling that if he succeeded, his immortal child would achieve another breakthrough and might even gain abilities from the immortal world, possibly even opening a passageway to the Hell of Mahānata.

Unfortunately, creating a passageway like that would require immense amounts of power, and would be difficult to keep open.

After all, it had taken all of the might of an immortal world to open a simple passageway back during the training competitions.

Yang Qi’s complete attention was focused on enlightenment, breakthroughs, and converting energy into essence. The Sage Monarch Continent had already grown thirty percent larger than before, and now had roughly the same surface area as the Quake-Dawn Continent. It looked like an enormous jewel hanging in the middle of the darkness and gloom, shining with dazzling light that melted all of the void around it.

With his mother keeping him safe, he could rest at ease as he worked on his cultivation and meditation. At the same time, he was keeping an eye on the Demi-Immortal battle playing out above.

It wasn’t a common thing to see Demi-Immortals fighting. In fact, this was his first time. After all, the Demi-Immortals in the Titan Emperor Collegium didn’t go around dueling each other.

Generally speaking, not even ninth step Great Sages would be able to witness something like this, or even get close to it. The mere shockwaves would turn them to dust.

But Yang Qi’s cultivation base was almost as strong as a Demi-Immortal’s, and he could now kill ninth step Great Sages. Therefore, he kept his Lord's Eye open and watched the fighting, noting how the techniques were generated, how the curses were uttered, and how the magical laws worked with heaven and earth. All of that information was pouring into his soul and benefiting his cultivation base.

In fact, his soul was now twitching and wriggling as it inched closer to enlightenment regarding the Without Limit Step.

During this very short fight, his level of soul enlightenment had risen from the fifth step all the way to the seventh step and was now pushing beyond that level.


The Holy Mother unleashed another attack; she was as powerful as a dragon or tiger and everything around her was the color of jade.

Another Lesser Demi-Immortal fell. His life force vanished as he was surrounded by jade-colored true energy, then dragged down to the Sage Monarch Continent and tossed into the Hellfire Crucible to be ignited with sagefire.

Having already dealt with the two previous corpses, Yang Qi was now completely familiar with what to do; melting and refining this third Lesser Demi-Immortal proved no problem whatsoever.

The Hellfire Crucible belched out essence power, bolstering the Sage Monarch Continent and causing it to grow yet again.

As for his immortal clone, it was impossible to determine how much power he had built up, and he was now covered with chain-like magical laws that looked like an immense spider web.

Even in the most distant past, it was unheard of for a Great Sage to refine and absorb the power of a Demi-Immortal, yet Yang Qi was doing just that.

“Get back to the fleet! This savage has a godly-class energy art! Not a single person in the Northstar Continent has one, and they might not even exist in the Megaplexus Heaven! We have to capture her and force out her secrets. We have to get the mnemonic to that energy art!”

After seeing three Lesser Demi-Immortal slaughtered, the elders from the Northstar Clan were finally coming to realize their situation.

Without any hesitation, they all formed ranks and prepared to break out of the perimeter the Holy Mother had set up and get back to the Northstar Fleet.


Meanwhile, the ships in the fleet sent out streams of bright light to lock down the area, creating an enormous spell formation in the process.

After all, the ships themselves were magical treasures, created at great cost and effort by Demi-Immortals.

Here in the ruins of the Yore-Wilds, they had found a person with an incomplete godly-class energy art. To the aristocratic Northstar Clan, it was actually an instance of immense good fortune. If their clan could get an enigmatic art like that, they would dominate the Megaplexus planetary system and probably receive immense rewards from that immortal world.

It was at this point that an old man in a violet robe appeared at the prow of the flagship, laughing heartily.

He was clearly a figure of immense power and authority, wreathed with violet energy and pulsing with the aura of an immortal world.

‘Prime Demi-Immortal!’ the Holy Mother thought, stopping in her tracks. This old man was the same level as she was. The main difference was that she had just stepped into the level and this old man was clearly in the late stage, just on the verge of becoming a seventh order Revered Demi-Immortal.

The differences between the subcategories of Demi-Immortals were even greater than those of Great Sages.

That was why the Holy Mother had been able to stand up to the combined force of so many enemies, even using Astral Redirection to send the power of their attacks into the Sage Monarch Continent for Yang Qi to use. To her, it had been a simple task.

“I'm the admiral of the Northstar Fleet, Northstar First-Rank! Listen up, Yore-Wilds savage: it’s a surprise that you’re a sixth order Demi-Immortal. But the time has come for you to hand over that godly-class energy art. If you do, I’ll spare your life.”

At this point, another old man appeared, clad in a violet robe. Taking his place at Northstar First-Rank’s left side, he said, “Brother First-Rank is the admiral of this fleet and I'm the vice-admiral. I suggest you listen to him.”

‘Another Prime Demi-Immortal,’ the Holy Mother thought, her eyes flashing. He was obviously the type of person who could destroy planets with a wave of his hand.

The old man grinned viciously. “You’re also a Prime Demi-Immortal, a fresh one at that. But that at least earns you the right to know our names. I'm Northstar First-Truth.”

At this point, another voice rang out. “True. You know, I would love to have a sixth order Demi-Immortal slave girl. Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Northstar First-Summer!”

He was the third Prime Demi-Immortal to make an appearance.

Meanwhile, sixty to seventy other Demi-Immortals in the fleet were already pooling their power to create a shocking and deadly spell formation.

“Northstar Inert Wither-Glory Death Formation!” Northstar First-Rank said. Taking a step forward, he glared at the Holy Mother and continued, “There’s no way you can deal with this.”

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