Chapter 414: Invincible in Battle

The Holy Mother had already put on an incredible show by defeating the Wheel of the Northstar with only one move. The attack of the wheel was backed by more than ten Demi-Immortal experts working in unison, but she had an incomplete godly-class energy art, the Jade-Emperor Profound-Welkin Exalted-Celestial God-Dao, that could create jade divine dragons. That jade was the most pure and true type of jade imaginable, formed from raw magical laws.

Jade represented honor, integrity, gentleness, solidity, and permanence. Furthermore, it contained the strongest of wills. It was just like the ancient saying, better to be a broken piece of jade than an intact clay tile.

Although she didn’t have the complete energy art, it was still godly-class, which meant that it came from the mysterious legion of gods and was anything but normal.

There were different types of godly-class energy arts, but even the lowest-level were still far beyond virtually all heavenly-class arts.

Normally speaking, heavenly-class energy arts were well-circulated in the immortal worlds, with the godly-class arts only occasionally appearing. And when they did, they would often lead to tempests of blood and carnage.

In the mortal world, godly-class energy arts were generally thought to be invincible things that no one ever saw.

“The Wheel of the Northstar was defeated? And she took it by force?” The ten Demi-Immortals were astonished to the core. The fact that this Holy Mother was so strong completely surpassed anything they could wrap their minds around. In their minds, the ruins of the Yore-Wilds didn’t have any worthy experts at all. And yet, contrary to expectation, they ran into a young woman who was completely decimating them.

“You know, my son wants to turn that continent into a planet, but he was low on power. Just recently I was wondering how I would ever find Demi-Immortals to kill for him. But here you are, delivering yourself up to my doorstep. What better way to help my son than to kill every last one of you?”

After defeating the Wheel of the Northstar, the Holy Mother’s tone of voice changed. She suddenly seemed awe-inspiring and righteous, the type of person one should never cross. Everything around her began to turn into fine jade, even the magical laws of time and space. All of a sudden, it looked like a god-spirit was forming within a minor world.

The Jade-Emperor Profound-Welkin Exalted-Celestial God-Dao was a consummate energy art that could crystallize magical laws and reverse the turnings of the cosmos. It could reverse the five phases, and destabilize yin and yang.


The Holy Mother’s hand shot out and she took a step forward, surrounded by torrents of sagelight as she rushed toward the ten Demi-Immortals.

It was a case of one versus ten, yet she was the one going on the offensive!


She was like a goddess from ancient times, crushing heaven and sowing primal-chaos in the void around her. The deadly movement of her hands conformed to profound daos, and it seemed almost as if she was causing the stream of time in the immortal worlds to flicker.

The imperial dragon strides, the royal tiger paces; the love of the regal mother protects all creation. [1]

The Demi-Immortal level was subdivided into Lesser, Greater, Profound, Potent, Tyrant, Prime, Revered, Universal, and Paragon Demi-Immortals. After much work, the Holy Mother had reached the Prime Demi-Immortal level, making her a sixth order Demi-Immortal. She understood some of the most profound truths of creation and could conduct herself as if she were the most important entity in existence.

Her command of energy arts was such that, in a single breath of time, she could shake mountains or rivers and even create planes of existence.

Of the ten Demi-Immortals she faced, there were Lesser, Greater, Profound, and Potent Demi-Immortals, with the highest among them being a Tyrant Demi-Immortal. That meant that the strongest among them was still weaker than her.

Besides, the highest energy art they had was heavenly-class, which was a far cry from even the partial godly-class energy art she was using.

It only took a single breath of time for three of the Northstar Clan’s Lesser Demi-Immortals to be hit by the white jade divine dragons, which sent them flying off to the side, their bodies shattered and their souls on the verge of dispersing. It took their entire supply of medicinal pills just to stay alive. Meanwhile, the rest of the Demi-Immortals were circling around the Holy Mother in preparation for their next attack.

“DIE!” they all shouted. Instantly, brilliant light shot forward as they called upon their minor worlds, places filled with things such as blood, blades, armies, mortality, governments, and hosts of living beings.

“Northstar Clan consummate ability, Hegemon’s Heaven Saber!”

“Northstar Clan consummate ability, Strength of the Supreme Void-Spirit!”

“Northstar Clan consummate ability, Nine Firmaments Cloud-Sky Energy!”

“Northstar Clan consummate ability, Central Empyrean Glaive!”

A host of consummate abilities appeared, deadly and devastating, all of them bearing down on the Holy Mother.


She stopped in place and slashed her hands out in front of her, opening up an enormous, gaping rift that instantly swallowed up the incoming attacks.


Down below, Yang Qi was breaking down and absorbing the Wheel of the Northstar, but at the same time, he was looking up at the fight above. By now, he was completely one with his clone, and his clone was completely one with the Sage Monarch Continent.

As a result, he was gaining insight into the magical laws and godpower that had made up the Wheel of the Northstar, then making them a part of the Sage Monarch Continent. But then, without any warning, a rift opened up in the sky and massive amounts of light and power began to tumble down into the Hellfire Crucible.

Moments ago, the Holy Mother had opened a rift to swallow up the attacks sent against her, and was now delivering them directly to Yang Qi.

All of a sudden, he was inundated with the most complex, immense force he had ever encountered.

“Qi’er, I used Astral Redirection to deflect the power of those Demi-Immortals and send it to you. Your Hellfire Crucible should be able to handle all of it. There will be danger, but your God Legion Seal should protect you. Handle it well and it will benefit you. If you fail, you’ll die.”

‘What the fuck?!’ Yang Qi thought. ‘I didn't realize mother was so reckless. She didn't even ask me if I thought I could handle it! Isn’t she worried I might get killed?!’ A bitter smile appeared on his face as he focused on the astonishing levels of power currently brewing in his Hellfire Crucible, which seemed like it might explode at any moment.

It was rare for power like this to be on display, and was beyond anything Yang Qi had experienced before. Were it not for the fact that he had his clone, as well as the Sage Monarch Continent, to help bear some of the force, he probably would have exploded into bits.

Even so, the slightest misstep in this moment could result in the destruction of both himself and the continent.

Of course, danger often meant opportunity.

Throwing his head back, he howled, “Hell-Crushing Godmammoth, Absorb Myriad Worlds!”

The Hellfire Crucible had the power to melt and refine even disgraced gods, and that ability was fully on display now. The hundred million particles within Yang Qi screamed into activity, with all of the megamammoths absorbing power from the Hellfire Crucible like mad.

They were like enormous mountains with trunks that could inhale anything and everything. Power rushed into them, becoming pure white magical symbols inscribed with the text of the legion of gods. They were representations of the One God.

Each of the megamammoths he awoke could evolve and eventually become a godmammoth. The truth was that waking up the eight hundred forty million particles was only the initial stage of mastering the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth. The truly perfect version of the technique was much more than that, and involved growing all of the megamammoths to their full level of maturity.

Suddenly, a stream of will erupted from the golden imp in his forehead, giving him even deeper insights into the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth. It was as though the dao of heaven and all of its rules and laws were echoing in his mind.

‘There are many types of mammoths. Megamammoths are the juveniles, and eventually, they transform into dracomammoths, which are the young adults. They, in turn, become full-grown protomammoths. And finally, the ultimate form is reached—the godmammoth.’

Right now, Yang Qi only had megamammoths, which would soon be baptized with magical laws. Countless draconic magical symbols would settle onto their skin, transforming them into dracomammoths.

Dragons and mammoths were the most gargantuan creatures in the world, and the most powerful of all the godlings. And when they combined, they led to the second step of the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth.

Shockingly, Yang Qi’s current influx of power was actually inciting that second step and was pushing his megamammoths in the direction of becoming dracomammoths.

Unfortunately, before the transformation could be completed, he would need to awaken all eight hundred forty million particles.

Even still, because of the new enlightenment he was receiving, his cultivation base was improving. The truths that the golden imp was imparting to him pushed him to new heights until he made contact with the ultimate limitations of the universe and the void.

It was none other than the initial aspects of enlightenment regarding the eighth step of the Great Sage level, the Without Limit Step.

His soul was already deep into the seventh step and had far surpassed his fleshly body. Unfortunately, true control of energy arts and divine abilities stemmed from the body.

“How come we can’t even touch her!?” one of the Northstar Demi-Immortals shouted. “Where did she redirect our attacks to?”

The Demi-Immortals simply couldn't believe their eyes. Their attacks had simply fallen into the rift she opened up, then vanished.

“Look, she sent it to the continent, and to that savage down there.” It was one of the Profound Demi-Immortals who realized the truth; the Sage Monarch Continent was visibly growing larger and there was a heaven-shaking, earth-toppling aura in it.

“She's using our strength to help him mold that continent. But how? Dammit! Stop attacking her! Otherwise our power will be drained and her son is going to get stronger. Look how fast he works!”

“Everybody stop!”

A moment later, all of the Demi-Immortals had ceased attacking.

When the Holy Mother saw that, she took a step forward. “Well, if you’re done with your attacks, I guess it's my turn.” 

Then she blurred into motion, appearing directly in front of one of the Lesser Demi-Immortals. Her palm touched his chest and he screamed as he transformed into a corpse.

1. Divine Dreamwalker loves to throw poetic and hyperbolic descriptive language into his novel, especially the fight scenes. Most of the time they are so complex, and so rooted in Chinese culture, history, and language, that they wouldn’t make sense without long explanations. And such explanations really slow down a fight scene. For example, in this passage “the imperial dragon strides, the royal tiger paces” is an idiom which refers to the “dignified manner of an emperor”. The second half “the love of the regal mother protects all creation” is referring to how the dowager mother in imperial China (the emperor's mother) would lovingly care for the populace. Literally it says “care for everything under heaven”. There is deeper meaning though. The emperor is the “Son of Heaven” and so really, the phrase is about the mother caring for her son. BUT. The Son of Heaven is tasked with taking care of the common people, so therefore her love of him would benefit the people.

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