Chapter 413: The Might of the Holy Mother

The aristocratic Northstar Clan was one of the four most powerful clans in the planetary system governed by the Megaplexus Heaven. And Northstar Sea was a Demi-Immortal expert, one of the stronger people in his clan.

But in the end, he was easily killed.

The Holy Mother cut him down with a fabled godly-class energy art, the Jade-Emperor Profound-Welkin Exalted-Celestial God-Dao.

Even if Northstar Sea had been stronger than he was, and had access to better techniques, he would still have suffered the same fate: death.

‘Godly-class energy art?’ Yang Qi thought. ‘I can’t believe I'm finally witnessing another godly-class energy art! How did mother get it? Hm, it doesn’t seem quite as powerful as my Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth. It lacks the glory of the Sovereign Lord.’ Thanks to the operation of the Blood of the One God within him, he had already recovered from his previous injuries.

“Qi’er, quickly absorb this Northstar Sea’s power and magical laws. You should be able to reach a higher level of enlightenment with them!” With a wave of her finger, the Holy Mother sent all of Northstar Sea’s energy into a tiny, sparkling conglomeration of light that shot into Yang Qi.

Projecting her voice into Yang Qi’s head, she said, ‘Yes, Qi’er, this godly-class energy art of mine is called the Jade-Emperor Profound-Welkin Exalted-Celestial God-Dao. When I was in the Hell of Gloom and Darkness, I found a ruined fragment of a heavenly jade palace, which was inscribed with part of a technique. It wasn't complete, but it was enough for me to begin cultivating it.

‘It can’t measure up to your technique, Qi’er. In ancient times, godly-class energy arts were divided up into various grades and ranks, as were the legion of gods. And above the legion of gods, there exists an entity called the Lord. I'm not sure exactly what level your energy art is, Qi’er, but mine is definitely weaker than it. In any case, we can discuss such matters later. Right now, you need to focus on absorbing the quintessence energy of Northstar Sea. Use it to try to push your energy arts to the next level. That will make it much easier to deal with this developing crisis.’

‘Yes, I understand, Mother,’ Yang Qi replied without hesitation.

As soon as he began the process, the quintessence energy and magical laws thrummed, and ten new drops of the Blood of the One God appeared, which the golden imp greedily absorbed.

In the blink of an eye, Yang Qi reached another limitation. More particles within him awoke, pushing him to the full level of one hundred million. He had gone as far as he could within his level.

His body contained a total of eight hundred forty million, and now he had nearly one eighth of them awake.

Unfortunately, it only squeezed him further into the bottleneck. Without pushing his cultivation level to the third step of the Great Sage level, he wouldn't get any stronger.

Not even the quintessence energy of a Demi-Immortal could help him in that regard.

Thankfully, he had his immortal child.

Waving his hand, he sent a wave of Demi-Immortal quintessence energy into his clone, causing its energy levels to skyrocket. Meanwhile, the psychic world of Yang Qi’s mind suddenly seemed to open up.

In the blink of an eye, a network of constellations appeared within his sea of consciousness. A virtual sea of heavenly bodies appeared, all of them perfectly arranged according to the mysterious rules of the universe.

Each of those stars was a god-spirit, filled with starpower that was just waiting to be absorbed. It was power that could be used to control the orbit of a planet or manipulate all sorts of living beings.

This was the enlightenment of the seventh step of the Great Sage level, the Planet God Step, which was a complement to the eighth Legendary transformation, the Astral-Star Transformation.

In terms of Yang Qi’s mental capacity, he was already a seventh step Great Sage. Although his cultivation base was stuck in the second step, once he got to the Hell of Mahānata and broke through, the results would shake the heavens and topple the earth.

And of course, since he had experienced a psychic breakthrough, his immortal child was able to undergo another real breakthrough.

Brilliant light shone as divine lightning fell, filled with immortal energy. However, as the tribulation lightning hit the immortal child, he only benefited from it.

In the blink of an eye, his level increased again.

At the same time, the Sage Monarch Continent grew stronger as well, and its greyspace became tougher. At the moment, Yang Qi’s mother had bought him some time to focus solely on cultivation.

She was a Demi-Immortal, and thus, was strong enough to hold off the Northstar Fleet all on her own for the moment. However, the danger had not yet passed, and Yang Qi knew he needed to do everything he could to get stronger. Things were only going to get more dicey, and the slightest mistake could lead to his mother, the Sage Monarch Continent, and himself all dying.

The Northstar Fleet was a terrifying force and had many more experts ready to fight, including plenty of Demi-Immortals.

In fact, the group of Demi-Immortals who had just been preparing to join the fight were now looking coldly at the Holy Mother, and at Yang Qi down below, focusing on his cultivation and his continent.

One of them, a tall man with eyes that burned like fire, strode forth and said, “You’re the Holy Mother of the Hanging Mountain? Even in ancient times, no one in the Yore-Wilds Continent was a match for the Northstar Continent, and your current resistance is just as pointless. You killed Northstar Sea, and that's a major loss to our fleet. You savages are going to pay us back for that in full!”

The Holy Mother glanced at Yang Qi, then looked back and said, “The Northstar Continent is subservient to the Megaplexus Heaven, and the Yore-Wilds planetary system is governed by the Titan Emperor Heaven. There have been no formal declarations from either immortal world indicating that we should go to war. According to the ancient stipulations, you have no authority to enter the Yore-Wilds planetary system to conquer or plunder. Aren’t you worried about the heaven above punishing you for breaking the old treaties?”

Another of the Demi-Immortal elders stepped forward. “Such impudence! The Megaplexus Heaven and the Titan Emperor Heaven have had irreconcilable differences for countless years, which clearly makes us enemies. We’ll do whatever is necessary to deal with savages like you.”

The Holy Mother chuckled. “Savages? I'm not particularly fond of that word. And was that supposed to be some kind of joke? In ancient times, your Megaplexus planetary system wasn’t even close to being a match for the Yore-Wilds planetary system. We produced too many experts to count, any of whom could have crushed your top experts. In fact, you were so weak that you had to sacrifice a whole host of immortals to break the seal holding back the Hell of Euphoria. It was the power of the fiend-devils that brought down the Yore-Wilds Continent, not you ‘people’. You’re nothing but low-down schemers, and you dare to call us savages? You really are an uneducated and ignorant lot, aren’t you?”

The Northstar Clan’s Demi-Immortal elders immediately turned crimson in the face. How could they have guessed that this Holy Mother, who looked like little more than a teenage girl, would know so many secrets regarding the ancient past?

“Damn you!”

“Capture her! She’s one of these savages’ Demi-Immortals, so she’ll definitely fetch a high price back home. We can split the profit!”

“Alright! There’s only one of her, and she can’t defend against all of us. Our Northstar Fleet will definitely come out on top!”

“Let's capture her and give her to the clan chief! Let him take her vital yin and quintessence energy. Violating her will be the ultimate pleasure!”

“Activate the Northstar Spinning Wheel Formation. Lock her down!”

“Alright, everyone get ready to move at once and force this savage girl to submit. It was expensive to cross the Dark True Void, and we already lost Northstar Sea. But if we can capture her we can make up for our losses.”

“Wheel of the Northstar!”


More than ten Demi-Immortals joined forces and attacked at the same time. All of creation trembled, and the light of the sun and moon faded. Magical laws, true energy, and everything in the area converged to create an enormous wheel, millions and millions of kilometers in diameter.

It had eight sides, all of them viciously serrated and covered with all sorts of magical symbols. Some were fiend-devil talismans, some were the dhāraṇī incantations of evil immortals, and some were Demonfolk inscriptions, but all of them recounted epic sagas of the past, stories of ancient histories and civilizations.

This was a wheel that could crush everything and bury anything in the deepest depths.


As soon as the wheel formed, it began rolling toward the Holy Mother.

“So, this is the Wheel of the Northstar?” she said. The enormous wheel was being powered by more than ten Demi-Immortals, yet she didn’t look even the least bit afraid.

In fact, she even took a step forward.

As she did, countless streams of white jade talismans poured out, becoming a host of divine dragons. 

“Jade Emperor’s Dragons Ascendant; Godly Dao of the Exalted Celestial!”

Millions and millions of white jade divine dragons shot out, like a river that could fill the universe and destroy the macrocosm. It slammed into the Wheel of the Northstar, instantly breaking it into two parts.

As for the more than ten Demi-Immortals, they immediately scrambled backward in shock.

“Take that thing!” the Holy Mother growled. The millions and millions of dragons swirled into the shape of a huge hand which reached out, grabbed the broken Wheel of the Northstar, and tossed it into the greyspace of the Sage Monarch Continent.

“Qi’er, your Hellfire Crucible should be able to handle this thing. It was created by the quintessence energy and magical laws of a whole group of Demi-Immortals. Make it part of the Sage Monarch Continent and it will push it to a higher level. Maybe the continent can use it to form a Wheel of Magical Law.”

Yang Qi didn’t bother saying anything in response. He could sense the immense power of the Wheel of the Northstar, and therefore, as soon as it entered the continent’s greyspace, he unleashed the Hellfire Crucible and sucked it in. Instantly, burning sagefire engulfed the wheel and began breaking it down into essence power for the continent.

Sure enough, that essence power began to form a Wheel of Magical Law.

He had previously imbued the continent with the magical laws of tens upon tens of thousands of fiend-devil Great Sages, filling it with sage motes. Unfortunately, those sage motes had existed in a state of disorder. But now they were actually taking the form of a wheel.

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