Chapter 408: People from the Megaplexus Planetary System

Yang Qi ceaselessly tossed the corpses of fiend-devils into the Sage Monarch Continent, using them to bolster it and push toward becoming a planet, or perhaps, even a planetary system.

Right now, his top priority was to find enough resources to form the full essence and planetary core. He also needed to collect more Yore-Wilds’ Heart fragments. He wanted the continent to be a planet like the Quake-Dawn Continent, and, eventually, a planetary system to rival the old Yore-Wilds Continent. That way, he could make sure his immortal child became a Demi-Immortal and the continent became a minor world that could move about on its own. If war came to the Four Wilds planetary systems and other worlds invaded, Yang Qi wanted to be able to take the Sage Monarch Continent away to safety.

For now, it was deeply imbedded into the void and could not be easily moved. Even if he somehow managed to rip it out of its spot, he wouldn’t be able to move it very far.

His God Legion Paradise was powerful, but not powerful enough to hold an entire continent in it. Right now he was only in the second step, and unfortunately, being a Nirvanic Resurrection Sage wasn’t enough....

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