Chapter 408: People from the Megaplexus Planetary System

Yang Qi ceaselessly tossed the corpses of fiend-devils into the Sage Monarch Continent, using them to bolster it and push toward becoming a planet, or perhaps, even a planetary system.

Right now, his top priority was to find enough resources to form the full essence and planetary core. He also needed to collect more Yore-Wilds’ Heart fragments. He wanted the continent to be a planet like the Quake-Dawn Continent, and, eventually, a planetary system to rival the old Yore-Wilds Continent. That way, he could make sure his immortal child became a Demi-Immortal and the continent became a minor world that could move about on its own. If war came to the Four Wilds planetary systems and other worlds invaded, Yang Qi wanted to be able to take the Sage Monarch Continent away to safety.

For now, it was deeply imbedded into the void and could not be easily moved. Even if he somehow managed to rip it out of its spot, he wouldn’t be able to move it very far.

His God Legion Paradise was powerful, but not powerful enough to hold an entire continent in it. Right now he was only in the second step, and unfortunately, being a Nirvanic Resurrection Sage wasn’t enough. The limits of his basic cultivation level prevented him from doing certain things that Without Limit or Epic Saga Sages were capable of.

After placing his immortal child into the Sage Monarch Continent, he erected a huge statue in the middle of the continent which resembled himself, formed from the bones of fiend-devils. That established that he was the creator of this new continent and the bearer of its essence and legacy.

Deep beneath the continent were the immortal formations and primal-chaos paleo-energy, which he had united into one force.

The continent itself shone like a sun, sending light far out into the void to illuminate the darkness and gloom.

At that point, Yang Qi had reached the limit of what he could do.

After all, his hometown, the old Rich-Lush Continent, was filled with many secrets. Many powerful organizations wanted to use it like a springboard to reach other locations via the ancient immortal formations and teleportation portals in it.

Yang Qi had lost track of time as he went about his work. Months had passed. Eventually, he opened his eyes, allowing a godly glow to spread out.

Using the Lord's Eye, he could see all of the various aspects of the continent itself. As it hung there glittering, it sucked power in from its environment and gave birth to spirit energy. Compared to the Quake-Dawn Continent, it was like a pearl resting there in the ruins of the Yore-Wilds planetary system.

But at the moment, Yang Qi was happy with his work. Now the time had come to seek out the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, get the treasure in it, then work on improving his cultivation base.

With that, he flew out into the void and flapped his Angel Wings, which propelled him forward with such incredible speed that he simply vanished. His current destination was the Coiling Arc planetary system.

His Elder Brothers and Sisters from the Invincible Society were likely already there, with him being a few months behind thanks to the work he had done in the Sage Monarch Continent. Considering the calculations Elder Second Brother had made, it seemed likely that the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart would make its appearance soon.

Based on the paths he had learned of in the ancient star atlases, he was confident that he could reach the Coiling Arc planetary system in time.


The Four Wilds planetary system was huge, and filled with countless planets and stars. The Yore-Wilds was in the north, but was quite disorderly and chaotic, thanks to the disaster which had visited it in the not-so-distant past. Beyond the border of the planetary system was the darkness and gloom of outer space, which extended for who knew how many hundreds of millions of kilometers, perhaps even billions. 

It was known as the Dark True Void, and it was a very dangerous task to pass through it. As for the Sage Monarch Continent, it existed just on the edge of the Dark True Void.

Thanks to what Yang Qi had learned in the Titan Emperor Collegium, he knew that it was actually the demarcation between the areas governed by the Titan Emperor Heaven and those governed by the Megaplexus Heaven. At the moment, there was a nonaggression agreement between those two heavenly worlds, although the Dark True Void usually prevented interactions of any sort.

Truth be told, Yang Qi wasn’t very familiar with all of the parts of the Four Wilds planetary system that the Titan Emperor Heaven governed, much less the fabled Megaplexus Heaven. The only thing he did know was that the Spritefolk came from there, and that his Aunt Susu had been taken away to some distant location there.

After Yang Qi disappeared, the Dark True Void trembled as an enormous fleet of ships suddenly appeared, heading toward the ruins of the Yore-Wilds planetary system.

The fleet was made up of hundreds of battleships designed to traverse the depths of space, ancient in design, their hulls crafted from dragon bone and plated with bronze-like metal covered with complex patterns.

Each ship was tens of thousands of meters long, making them large enough to be cities, and they shone with dazzling light that pierced the darkness. All in all, they looked like gargantuan, vicious ghost-fish swimming through the darkness of outer space.


Rumbling vibrations rolled off of the fleet as it stopped momentarily at the edge of the Dark True Void. The flagship was the largest, roughly twice as big as any of the others. It was covered with chain-like heaven motes which had been placed there by a Demi-Immortal.

The prow of the ship bore a mark, a character in an ancient script. 


It was the name of a powerful clan from the Megaplexus Heaven.

On the bridge of the flagship was a group of noble-looking young men and women.

One of them was a burly young man with long black hair, who stood there with his hands clasped behind his back, looking out into the area beyond the Dark True Void. 

“We’ve finally arrived in the Yore-Wilds planetary system,” he said.

The view stretched out in front of him was a sea of faintly glimmering heavenly bodies, weak and feeble to the extreme, almost deathly. A smile of scorn played out on the young man's face. 

“In the distant past, many talents emerged from the Yore-Wilds. It’s hard to believe the place has sunk to such a low. The Four Wilds of the past were the Yore-Wilds, Waste-Wilds, Brute-Wilds, and Proto-Wilds. But back then, the best of them all was the Yore-Wilds. All of the top experts in the Titan Emperor Collegium came from there, and they were considered the ultimate enemy of the Megaplexus planetary system. To see that they’ve wasted away into this level of decay is actually quite pleasing.”

Standing next to the young man was a beautiful young woman. Snorting coldly, she said, “Well, isn’t it all the result of the carefully laid plans of the Megaplexus Collegium? It took thirty thousand years of scheming to make sure the gateway to the Hell of Euphoria was opened. When they invaded in full strength, the Yore-Wilds was destroyed. The only hitch was that the experts of the Yore-Wilds somehow managed to seal the breach.”

Another young man present smiled excitedly. “The ancient Yore-Wilds was nothing to look down on. They were protected by the gods and, according to the rumors, gave birth to the most mighty experts of the past, famous people who eventually ascended to the immortal world and dominated three thousand chiliocosm worlds. The unrivaled and unbeatable King Immortal-Slayer even came from there. Now, by means of the cosmic tide flow, we’ve managed to cross the Dark True Void and reach the Yore-Wilds. The time has come to accomplish our mission.”

“That’s right,” said yet another young man on the bridge. “Our Northstar Clan is one of the top clans in the Megaplexus Heaven, with numerous ancestors of the past who ascended to the immortal planes. Now it’s our generation’s turn to reach new heights of glory. According to the intelligence reports, the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart has appeared in the Coiling Arc star system, ensuring that the quintessence of the Titan Emperor Collegium are all gone. Hmph! The Four Wilds planetary system is empty and ripe for the plucking. The time has come to find the legacy medallions of King Immortal-Slayer!”

All of these young ones were ninth step Epic Saga Sages, powerful experts who radiated traces of immortal energy. Clearly, the entire group was on the very verge of reaching the Demi-Immortal level.

As they continued their discussion, a middle-aged man strode onto the bridge, emanating the fluctuations of a Demi-Immortal. 

“It’s good to have so many elites from the Northstar Clan all gathered in one place,” he said.

The young ones all clasped hands in formal greeting. “Greetings, Uncle.” [1]

The Megaplexus Heaven was divided into four major continents: the Northstar planetary system, the Southpalace planetary system, the Westgate planetary system, and the Eastwall planetary system, each of which was controlled by a powerful aristocratic clan.

“It is a momentous occasion,” the Demi-Immortal continued. “Our Northstar Clan has sent this small fleet of battleships through the Dark True Void to the Yore-Wilds planetary system to search for the legacy of King Immortal-Slayer. We must acquire all of those medallion fragments!

“King Immortal-Slayer conquered three thousand worlds and slaughtered immortals like they were dogs. Supposedly, he even stood up to the legion of gods. Although he was killed in the end, there is no question that he was absolutely peerless and unmatched. His legacy medallions contain immense energy flows and treasure hoards. With them, our Northstar Clan can ascend to new heights and wrest control of the mortal world.”

“That’s absolutely right, Uncle,” said one of the young elites. “How did your meeting with the elders go, sir? Did you divine the location of our first target? Where exactly are the medallion fragments?”

“We have some clues, of course. As we proceed along, we will plunder resources here and there. Even though the Yore-Wilds Continent is in fragments, there are still some places with impressive stores of treasures. As we carry out our search and plunder the locals, we will take any Great Sages and Demi-Immortals we find captive and turn them in for a reward when we get back to the Megaplexus planetary system. The wild blood of the people from the Yore-Wilds is much sought-after back home. Full speed ahead into the Yore-Wilds.”

The fleet quickly flew out of the Dark True Void and into the Yore-Wilds planetary system.


Suddenly, one of the battleships hit a dead planet, which crumbled and sent out a shock wave of energy that the battleship absorbed. In the past, that tiny world had once contained a host of expensive ores, but now it was nothing but rubble.

Suddenly, one of the young Great Sages spotted the Sage Monarch Continent, glittering like a jewel on the edge of the Yore-Wilds planetary system.

“Uncle, look! Do you see? Up ahead. It's a continent! It looks full of spirit energy, like a holy land of cultivation!”

1. In this case, a different version of “uncle” is used than has appeared in the story before. This version could mean a few different things. The most common would be “father’s younger brother”. However, it’s also a generic form of address among people of royal blood. The latter is the proper interpretation in this context. These young ones are not necessarily directly related to this man, but rather, are younger members of the same clan.

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