Chapter 407: Major Success with the Immortal Child

The corpses of countless devils were being poured into the Sage Monarch Continent.

As a result, its borders were rapidly expanding within the starry sky. The common people and cultivators in the lands could sense that immense changes were taking place. Thankfully, it was a very calm and peaceful expansion, with no earthquakes, volcanoes, or the like.

After several days and nights passed, the Sage Monarch Continent was fully a hundred times larger than it had been before and was continuing to grow larger.

Although it still couldn’t compare to the Quake-Dawn Continent, and was nowhere near ready to become a planet, its substructure, essence, terrain, aegis, and greyspace had all improved. [1]

From far away in the starry sky, it looked like a huge continent within the void, surrounded by glittering sage motes and pulsing with power. Its greyspace was in the process of growing, and it was constantly absorbing spatial power from around it.

How many fiend-devil corpses had been absorbed into the continent in the process?

Yang Qi had lost track, but not Ghost Emperor Yama. “Thirty thousand. Thirty thousand Great Sage fiend-devils were absorbed into the Sage Monarch Continent. He really did use the...

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