Chapter 406: Refining the Continent

Yang Qi was once again returning to the former Rich-Lush Continent, which of course he had renamed the Sage Monarch Continent.

He had a very different status than before; he was a consecrated student from the Titan Emperor Collegium and a member of the Invincible Society. As soon as he arrived, it started a whole chain of events. Cheering filled Sage Monarch City and fireworks exploded in the sky. The mood was one of exultation and joy.

The parliament of elders that ran the continent consisted of Yang Qi’s sworn siblings, including Li He and many others, and they immediately threw a huge banquet. The leaders of the nine prefectures were invited as well as representatives from countless cities and even many lucky commoners.

After all, most people had never heard of the Titan Emperor Collegium, but word was quickly promulgated by the governmental figures. It didn’t take long before everyone knew that Yang Qi had joined the highest educational establishment in the Four Wilds planetary system. Compared to the collegium, the Quake-Dawn Continent and the Hanging Mountain were about as important as ants. That meant that the Sage Monarch Continent now had a powerful protector to rely on. Anyone who wanted to cause problems would need to think things through carefully, lest they face the wrath of the Titan Emperor Collegium.

As the banquet went on, even the people who weren’t drinking felt drunk from excitement. At one point, Yang Zhan said, “Qi’er, come, drink with me! I could never have imagined that a day like this would come. You might as well be an immortal from heaven. Who would have thought that a true dragon would arise from a tiny, insignificant place like Yanhaven?”

With that, they drank together. Wiping his lips, Yang Zhan continued, “Not long after you left for the Titan Emperor Collegium, your mother came to Sage Monarch City for a visit and I finally got to reunite with her. Ai. I can hardly bear to think about those early days when I first met her.”

“Forget about the past, Father,” Yang Qi said with a faint smile. “Think about the future. You’re going to live forever, you know. Can you even imagine what it will be like to experience tens upon tens of thousands of years of happiness? Did mother do some work to improve the Sage Monarch Continent? It seems to me that the greyspace is stronger than before, perhaps because of the power of a Demi-Immortal.”

“You’re exactly right, Milord Yang Qi,” said Ghost Emperor Yama. By now, his subservience was no act, as Yang Qi’s cultivation base far, far exceeded his own.

Ghost Emperor Yama had already begun to seek enlightenment of the ninth step, putting him very close to being an Epic Saga Sage. But he could sense that Yang Qi could give him a devastating injury with little effort, enough to completely paralyze him.

“The exalted Holy Mother came for an inspection tour. Milord, she’s aware that you want to turn the continent into a planet, and therefore she drew on the godpower of many heavens and sent it deep into the primal-chaos spell formations. Because of that, the primal-chaos paleo-energy fused even more deeply with the continent and improved its essence by ten times. The magical laws are more stable and the subterranean ores are even more numerous. Even the surface of the ground has turned into spirit soil.”

Ghost Emperor Yama seemed to have no shortage of praise for the Holy Mother.

Yang Qi opened his Lord's Eye and looked around to see both primal-chaos vital energy and immortal magical laws within the surrounding void. ‘Yes, mother has definitely created a prime foundation for me.’

In the past, the Sage Monarch Continent had been a little pond, but now it was turning into a lake. And that meant that it could hold even greater levels of power.

‘I suppose I have less to worry about now,’ he thought. ‘For now, I’ll do everything in my power to expand the lands that exist. I can’t transform the continent into a planet yet, because I don’t have enough power built up. Furthermore, I need a lot more land to work with, probably thousands of times what I have now. Only then will I be able to transform this place into a planet like the Quake-Dawn Continent, and also help my immortal child become a Demi-Immortal.’

After the banquet ended, Yang Qi went into secluded meditation.

The first thing he did was pull out all of the treasures, spirit stones, crafting materials, and power vessels that he had collected. Then he set up an enormous spell formation in a plain outside of Sage Monarch City, a formation that conformed to the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth and the ancient infernal deities.

Also present in the formation were Chancellor Sun Moon, Yang Chaoguang, Hua Tianxiong, the other Great Sages, and all of his sworn brothers and sisters.

These were the core figures in the Sage Monarch Continent, and they were present to offer assistance.

“Qi’er, are you planning to push the continent to a higher level?” Yang Zhan asked. “Your mother said that there’s been a lot of activity in the Four Wilds planetary systems recently and that the immortal world is mobilizing. Considering the news that our Sage Monarch Continent is on the border of the planetary systems, that makes us a perfect springboard for any invasion. That would be a disaster for us.”

“I have a plan to deal with the situation,” Yang Qi said calmly. “I’d originally hoped to make the continent part of my sage domain. Unfortunately, my cultivation level is still too low for that and right now, I can’t achieve any breakthroughs. Thankfully, I acquired an immortal embryo which rapidly rose to a high level. Today, I shall lay out the remains of devils to create a path for the legion of gods. Let the flesh and blood of hell be offered to them as a sacrifice!”


With a wave of his hand he activated the spell formation, causing the Grand Emperor's Pagoda to rise up into the air, shining with multiple immortal motes.

A cry like that of an infant could be heard and his immortal child appeared, flying out into the center of the formation, surrounded by countless swirling magical treasures such as the Heaven-Burying Bow, Heaven-Wasting Arrows, and Golden Dragonscale Godskiff.

Yang Qi was taking all of the treasures and materials he had collected and giving them to the immortal child in the spell formation.

The truth was that, considering the level of his cultivation base, he actually didn't need any magical treasures. He himself was the most powerful of weapons in battle, as he could rip apart ancient devils, shatter heavens, crush hells, and summon the halls of heaven.

“Come forth, Hell Portal!”

The portal erupted into being behind him. It was now formed from countless bones and spikes, and was splattered with the blood of devil-gods.

Everyone present was a close friend or family member of Yang Qi, and thus, they were somewhat familiar with his cultivation base and the fact that he could summon fiend-devils from hell. Therefore, they were not surprised about what they were seeing.

Immediately, wails and howls drifted out from the Hell Portal.

As the portal opened, a hell monsoon erupted from it followed by armies of fiend-devils.

In the lead were endless waves of bronzeblaze fiend-devils, like locusts, all of them in the Legendary level. It seemed like they were all dead set on waging a campaign of war on the universe itself.

However, after emerging from the Hell Portal, and before they could do a single thing, they exploded and their quintessence energy was sucked into the spell formation, leaving behind nothing but shattered corpses.

Screams rang out as millions upon millions of bronzeblaze fiend-devils exploded, until mountains of corpses could be seen everywhere.

“Be absorbed!” Yang Qi said, waving his finger. Instantly, a black hole appeared which sucked in all of the corpses. “Let the corpses of these devils be used to create something glorious.”

Yang Qi flew up into the air as the Hell Portal grew larger, reaching a height of tens of thousands of meters tall, and fully a thousand kilometers wide. Then, more fiend-devils poured out from within it.


A golden paleo-devil emerged, but immediately melted and became part of the ground itself.

More golden paleo-devils came out, hordes of them that obscured the sky, and all of them did the same thing.

The observers could sense all sorts of magical laws at play, causing transformations to the Sage Monarch Continent as a whole.

The corpses of the devil-gods were truly being used to remold the lands beneath their feet.

Yang Qi continued to summon all sorts of fiend-devils, including horned goat-devils, minotaur-devils, warduel-devils, gloomdark-devils, and even asuras. These were Great Sage fiend-devils, but they all died as soon as they appeared out in the open.

Suddenly, a hoarse shout rang out from one of Yang Qi’s sworn brothers, Jun Tianchou. Because of the power fluctuations and stirring of the magical laws, something was happening. Without any warning, lightning began to fall on him! [1]

Although he was still a Legendary, he had just achieved a breakthrough, leaping from the third transformation all the way to the seventh. That was a leap of four complete levels, which was nothing short of a miracle.

Back in the days of the Rich-Lush Continent it had been a difficult thing for Legendaries to achieve breakthroughs, to the point where such individuals were considered geniuses. Sometimes, people required a thousand years to achieve even a single breakthrough.

But now, Jun Tianchou was rising as rapidly as a rocket shooting into the sky.

Perhaps it could even be considered cultivation cheating!


An enormous infernal appeared, its blood so strong that it radiated a clear aura of death.

This was none other than a fifth step Light King infernal, dragged up from the depths of hell by Yang Qi.

Ghost Emperor Yama let out an instinctual shriek, and nearly dropped to his knees in worship; after all, he was a fiend-devil from hell, so to see nobility like this in the form of an Infernalfolk was almost too much for him to handle. In hell, the ranking system was strictly enforced and when people of high blood met those with low blood, the former would suppress the latter to the ultimate degree.

And yet, as soon as the powerful infernal appeared, Yang Qi waved his hand, transforming it into viscous blood that poured into the ground.

The process continued with more Great Sage infernals, whom he could summon thanks to having his nascent divinity ensconced in the Hell of Mahānata. Unfortunately, despite the fact that he could summon such entities from there, he couldn’t use the Hell Portal to travel there.

Many powerful planes were like that: easy to leave, but difficult to enter.

In that respect, they were like mortal cities, who let citizens leave freely, but would strictly control entrance.

And thus, Yang Qi summoned streams of fiend-devils and used their bones to create glory for the legion of gods. One fifth step Great Sage fiend-devil after another was slaughtered and imbued into the Sage Monarch Continent.

Ghost Emperor Yama was completely stunned, but at the same time managed to keep count of how many Great Sage fiend-devils were being sacrificed. “A thousand. Two thousand. Five thousand…. My god. Don’t tell me that he's really going to build a planet with the corpses of fiend-devils?”

1. Jun Tianchou was introduced in chapter 113, in which he and Yang Qi fought floodwyrms together.

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