Chapter 406: Refining the Continent

Yang Qi was once again returning to the former Rich-Lush Continent, which of course he had renamed the Sage Monarch Continent.

He had a very different status than before; he was a consecrated student from the Titan Emperor Collegium and a member of the Invincible Society. As soon as he arrived, it started a whole chain of events. Cheering filled Sage Monarch City and fireworks exploded in the sky. The mood was one of exultation and joy.

The parliament of elders that ran the continent consisted of Yang Qi’s sworn siblings, including Li He and many others, and they immediately threw a huge banquet. The leaders of the nine prefectures were invited as well as representatives from countless cities and even many lucky commoners.

After all, most people had never heard of the Titan Emperor Collegium, but word was quickly promulgated by the governmental figures. It didn’t take long before everyone knew that Yang Qi had joined the highest educational establishment in the Four Wilds planetary system. Compared to the collegium, the Quake-Dawn Continent and the Hanging Mountain were about as important as ants. That meant that the Sage Monarch...

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