Chapter 404: Treasure Hoard

There was something outspoken and forthright about the person who had just called out.

Yang Qi rose to his feet and looked in the direction of the voice to find a middle-aged man approaching. He had fair skin and wasn’t very well-built, making him seem like a frail scholar. In fact, he even wore a tall scholar’s hat

But he strode forward confidently, in a way that made him seem to conform perfectly to the transformations and variations of space and the world, or, perhaps, vice versa. In a single breath of time, he appeared in front of Yang Qi, and from his aura it was clear that he was capable of forming a personal minor plane of existence around him.

His cultivation base was so high that Yang Qi had never met, or even heard of a person like this.

“This is Elder Second Brother, who is called Book Genius,” Yan Weiyi said. “You see, he’s not actually human. He started out as an ancient book and eventually cultivated a human form. He’s reached the level of understanding the revolutions of the universe, meaning he's an eighth step Universal Demi-Immortal. Of the eighteen members of the Invincible Society, he’s second only to Eldest Brother.”

“So, Master took in another little Junior Brother,” the enigmatic Book Genius said with a smile. “Hello there, Junior Eighteenth Brother Yang Qi. Not bad. Not bad at all....

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