Chapter 400: Killing People Left and Right

Tai Cangyi, the very same person who had provoked Yang Qi with his Destructive Sound Wave back before the ceremony began and then singled him out in the fighting, was about to die.

For Yang Qi, not killing him had never been an option.

Therefore, he used an explosively violent attack to wipe him out of existence. He used the Heaven-Burying Bow and a Heaven-Wasting Arrow, shattering Tai Cangyi’s personal domain and piercing into his sea of energy to wipe out his soul.

The Heaven-Wasting Arrow smashed through Tai Cangyi’s defensive true energy like a boulder crushing a drinking glass, then proceeded directly into his body.

An agonized scream rang out as a gaping hole appeared in his chest and bronze blood and gore sprayed out. Tai Cangyi was bronze inside and out, and even his sage motes looked like bronze chains.

‘Recover! I have to recover immediately! I can’t believe he has another immortal item! An immortal bow and arrows!’ 

Suddenly, he waved his...

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