Chapter 396: World of Mirages

The instant the Demi-Immortal elder said “World of Mirages”, rumbling sounds echoed out from the far end of the square, where a doorway rose up from the ground, and an illusory, mirage-like aura spread out.

On the other side of the door, it was possible to see a mysterious and strange world.

“The immortals of our Titan Emperor Collegium used the secret magics of the Demolishing level to create the World of Mirages. Enter it and kill to your hearts’ content. There is plenty of good fortune inside, even energy arts. There are also seeds left in place by members of the senior generation which, if acquired, will enable you to achieve incredible progress. Please note that while you may fight and kill each other, anyone who is killed will not actually die. Instead, you will simply be ejected from the World of Mirages and will have failed the test of the ceremony. Any who fail will become freshman students and will lose their chance to be taken in by elders or society chiefs. Does everyone understand?”

“Yes sir!”...

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