Chapter 394: A Bunch of Freaks

Yan Weiyi warmed up immediately once Yang Qi agreed to join the Invincible Society.

“I’m coming, too,” Sword Seventeen said excitedly. “From what I understand, the immortal world held training competitions all over the place to find geniuses to recruit. I'm really curious to see how these people measure up to Yang Qi in the entrance ceremony.”

“When master picks a new disciple, he does it by going into a trance and contemplating the movement of the universe,” Yan Weiyi said. “Considering that, it's a given that he’ll pick the best candidate. That’s also why he usually spurns the people everyone else calls geniuses. Come on, let’s go!”

“I'm coming also,” Elder Sixteenth Sister said. “The entrance ceremony is always a big deal.”

“By the way,” Yang Qi said, “who are the other members of the Invincible Society? For example Eldest Brother, Elder Second Brother, and the others.” 

“You want to meet them?” Yan Weiyi asked with an enigmatic smile. “You’ll have to wait a bit, but I can give you a quick introduction ahead of time. For example, Eldest Brother is the pride of the Invincible Society, and...

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