Chapter 393: The Invincible Society

‘Sword Seventeen?’ Yang Qi replied, not sure what was going on. ‘Invincible Society? Your Master sent you to pick me up?’

‘You’re Yang Qi, right?’ Sword Seventeen said. ‘The same guy who killed those megamammoths back in the Hanging Mountain? Winner of the training competition? Killer of Chief Lion, who was an eighth step Without Limit Sage? We've heard about you here in the Titan Emperor Collegium, and my Master, the leader of the Invincible Society, has been waiting for you to show up. He wanted to convince you to join our society before any of the others recruited you. It would have been a shame for our society to lose a genius like you. Who would have thought that Sanitus Maximus would actually try to steal your Titan Emperor Medallion. It’s a crime that makes me furious just thinking about it.’

‘So we just leave the city magistrate here and go to the Invincible Society?’ Yang Qi asked.

‘Exactly. Come on, let’s go.’


The two of them flew into the air.

“Hey, where do you think you’re going? You killed my son! You’re crazy if you think I'm going to let you off the hook. Get back here. Hegemon Subdues the Dragon!”


City Magistrate Sanitus extended...

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