Chapter 392: Sword Seventeen

‘There’s something strange about this courtyard,’ Yang Qi thought, looking around. After doing so, he realized that there was a subterranean spell formation in the middle of the place, and that it was radiating a strange devil energy.

In addition, the plants in the courtyard were all swaying in conformity to various odd rhythms. An ordinary person would easily be wrapped up in the fluctuations, and would soon begin to lose their bearings.

All of a sudden, zither music floated out from one of the lakes in the courtyard, a devilish tune that pierced deep into the mind. At the same time, a host of beautiful immortal women flew out and began to scatter hexagonal flower petals, the six sides of which conformed to the six sensory pleasures. [1]

The devilish music was extremely enticing, and as for the flowers, they were Six Pleasures Devil Orchids.

Snorting coldly, Yang Qi waved his hand, sending sagelight out to fill the courtyard. Then, everything erupted into sagefire, and the devilish air faded away.

“Very impressive….”

The sound of soft clapping rang out as a group of people appeared in the air above the courtyard. In the lead was Young Master Sanitus Maximus.

The rest were all young Great Sages dressed in yellow garb, who were obviously the elite forces of Sanitus.

There was only one person applauding...

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