Chapter 391: The Arrival

Yang Qi sped through the vast starry river, moving at incredible speed. The universe was an immense place, and numerous planets and other heavenly bodies sped past him as he blurred along almost at the speed of light itself.

Some of the planets were enormous, filled with spirit energy and packed with spirit stones and ores. Naturally, places like that often had humans, demons, devils, or other living beings that could practice cultivation. He also saw countless continents, or even cities floating in the starry sky.

Strangely, as he followed the immortal map in the Titan Emperor Medallion, he realized that the planets he passed were growing more numerous and bustling. On more than one occasion, he came across networks of ancient planets which were linked with wormholes and teleportation portals, alliances of sorts that were larger than the Sage Monarch Continent, Quake-Dawn Continent, and Hanging Mountain combined. Eventually, there were so many planets that it was like a river. This place was like a capital city of the starry skies,...

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