Chapter 390: Titan Emperor Collegium

Yang Qi was not in a very good mood at all.

Based on his mother’s description, his birth father was as rapacious as a wolf and as savage as a cur, the type of person who would manipulate people for his own purposes, and then get rid of them as soon as they outlived their usefulness. He was a banished immortal who had viewed human beings as bugs to be toyed with at will.

Thanks to Yang Qi’s understanding of the primeval infernal deities, he was aware of what the Profound Infernal Matriarch Body was. It was far beyond the Nascent Divinity Starlight Body or Seven Apertures Sprite Body, and if it was cultivated to completion, made immortal ascension an almost foregone conclusion.

Unfortunately, the essence of that physique had been stolen from his mother.

At that time, he had been in her belly, and had nearly died because of the situation. In other words, his birth father had nearly killed him.

Somehow, his mother had managed to escape with her life.

The fact that this was the story of his past had him very much out of sorts. However, he wanted to get to the bottom of the situation as much as his mother. Soon, he would go to the Titan Emperor Collegium, report in, and become a student there.

It was located...

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