Chapter 389: Bickering

This was the very core of the Hanging Mountain, a place where only the Holy Mother, the August Patriarch, the grand elders, the chiefs of the Demonfolk, and other extremely important people would gather for meetings.

Of course, Yang Qi was now a famous person in the Hanging Mountain. After his blood-drenched performance in the training competition, and his later feat of killing Chief Lion, his mere name made most disciples weak in the knees.

Therefore, no one even considered blocking his way as he went along with Yan Wubing.

However, Yang Qi was in no mood to pay attention to how people were looking at him. All of his attention was focused on the throne that stood equally as high as the August Patriarch, and the young woman sitting on it.

She actually looked younger than Yang Qi, as if she were only sixteen years old or so. She wore an ornamental thumb ring, and her hair was bound with hoops of gold.

Her aura was that of a Demi-Immortal, as if she were one with all heaven and earth, a supreme entity of all creation.

To Yang Qi, she seemed so incredibly powerful that a single breath from her could eradicate the entire starry sky.

She was obviously not an ‘energy warrior’ but rather, a ‘half-immortal’....

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