Chapter 388: The Holy Mother Emerges

The Rich-Lush Continent experienced roughly half a year of refinement, until it was thoroughly transformed.

Verdant hills and crystal-clear waters could be seen everywhere. There were no longer any barren or dangerous locations, although Yang Qi had set up special places to raise low-level demonlings and fiend-devils.

It was time for a change of names. No longer was this place the Rich-Lush Continent, it was the Sage Monarch Continent.

There were no sects or organizations present, there was only the Sage Monarch Society. All citizens were members of that society, and were provided with resources appropriate for their level.

The Sage Monarch Society was essentially an imperial dynasty, with centralized state power that exercised control over numerous clans and peoples. The age of the Sage Ancestor Dynasty and its feudal system were a thing of the past.

Everyone lived in peace and happiness, and could work on their cultivation without hindrance.

That said, as the populace rose in cultivation and grew stronger, they became a fighting force capable of unleashing incredible destruction.


A burst of...

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