Chapter 387: Power Brewing

Before, Yang Qi hadn’t been strong enough to draw on the deepest reserves of primal-chaos vital energy, and all of the immortal formations. But now that he was powerful enough to kill eighth step Great Sages, things were different.

Leviathan Truesoaring hoped to convert the Plateau of the Leviathan into a full planet, and Yang Qi wanted to do the same thing here. By combining the Western Continent with the Rich-Lush Continent, he could turn the two of them into what was essentially an enormous magical treasure.

When that happened, then it wouldn’t matter how far away he was, he would be able to sense what was happening back home.

The Rich-Lush Continent was his foundation. His clan and his sworn siblings were there, and he definitely needed to make sure they were never in any danger.

“Planar Pearl!”

As the ancient spell formations were activated, and the hand of the primal-chaos...

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