Chapter 385: Back to Rich-Lush

If Yang Qi said he was going to make a move, he would.

And he wouldn’t give people a chance to react or prepare. After the events in the Hell of Mahānata, he was in the position to dominate Without Limit Sages in a fight.

And that was before the blessing of the immortal world. Now that the God Legion Seal had produced true Blood of the One God, he wasn’t sure how strong he was, and was curious to find out.

Considering that Chief Lion had openly insulted and provoked him, he was obviously the perfect test subject.

The Hand of the One God shot toward Chief Lion, following a profound, prescribed path of motion.


Before Chief Lion could react, the hand slammed into him, and he was sent tumbling backward, coughing up blood, and his golden mane of hair thrown into disarray.

“How dare you ambush me, you little bastard!”

“Ambush you? This is no ambush. This is a straight-up duel to the death,...

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