Chapter 384: Blessings

‘Such incredible power!’ As the river of Jade Palace Golden Talismans descended onto Yang Qi, he opened the God Legion Paradise for them.

The power was like an elixir from the immortal world, which could normally change individuals on a substructural level. However, it was different for Yang Qi. He could refine them with his Hellfire Crucible, and then use them to awaken the megamammoth particles within him.

Already, his Hellfire Crucible was bubbling, and another ten million particles woke up, putting him at a total of forty million.

Fifty million. Sixty million…. The process finally stopped at eighty million. He had awoken roughly one tenth of the total eight hundred forty million. Once they were all awake, he would have the strength to pluck stars and snatch moons, and would have mastered the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth.

As the river of talismans poured into him, blessing him, it carried with it immortal energy,...

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