Chapter 383: The Return

The group of Infernalfolk looked in shock at the enormous hand print. A moment passed, and then the female flew over, circled it, then reached out and touched it.


Instantly, a sound erupted out like that of metal scraping against metal.

The air solidified, turning crystal, and the most holy of auras erupted out, the type that could drive away fiends and exterminate devils.

“So strong!” the female infernal blurted, backing away in fear. Looking over her shoulder, she said, “Infernal Wave, how many moves did you exchange with this Yang Qi?”

Looking a bit embarrassed, he replied, “Just one. I attacked him, then he solidified the space around me and started crushing me. I had to use the Infernal Worm Transformation from the Nine Transformations of the Netherworld Infernal to escape. Even still, I lost about half my vital energy.”

“What? A single move?”

The other Infernalfolk began to tremble in fear. “Infernal Wave, you’re definitely one of the strongest among the young Infernalfolk....

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