Chapter 382: Infernal Expert

Deep in a vein of ore in hell, a spirit stone begot a devil embryo.

It was a house-sized spirit stone that vastly surpassed heavenly- or godly-grade stone, with the power of the devil embryo being similar to that of an immortal stone.

It was truly marvelous as far as Yang Qi was concerned.

The benefits of turning this into an immortal stone embryo would be many. For one thing, when it came time for another major breakthrough, he definitely wouldn’t lack the power necessary. And after expunging the devil energy, and allowing the embryo to develop in his God Legion Paradise, it would become an out-of-body incarnation of incredible power, that he could do many things with.

With the wave of his hand, he prepared to take the vein of ore, and even more importantly, the enormous stone.

However, it was in that instant that a shocking beam of sword energy shot down from the sky, piercing into the depths of the earth and heading straight toward Yang Qi’s back.

The speed was so incredible...

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