Chapter 381: Devil Embryo

The remaining Great Sages were all as terrified as chickens. However, Yang Qi wasn't concerned with them; they weren’t even close to being a threat to him.

He was currently in the depths of the darkness and gloom of the Hell of Mahānata, surrounded by a blood-colored fog that was nearly violet.

Right now, he needed to push his blood to an extremely high level of strength, which would produce the Blood of the One God.

The Hand of the One God was a manifestation of the Fist of the Halls of Heaven. However, that was not one of the ultimate core aspects of the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth. By connecting with the ancient halls of heaven, and fusing with their power, he could purify his blood and create the Blood of the One God.

If he then used that blood to power the Hand of the One God, he could reach an incredibly high level of strength. Truth be told, what he could right now do with the Hand of the One God was middling at best.

The veins of spirit ore in the depths of the Hell of Mahānata were twitching and wriggling, and occasionally, devil stones would even fly out of them, and transform into flaming fire that built up behind Yang Qi to form a projection of the halls of heaven.

As they grew clearer, they shone with increasingly abundant sagelight, and made his body seem as sparkling and translucent as crystal.

At the same time, his blood grew stronger and stronger, and began to pulse with a faint aura of the One God, something that could control all the countless heavens.

That was the first sign that he was forming the Blood of the One God.

At the moment, he was a second step Nirvanic Resurrection Sage, with his nascent divinity ensconced in the Hell of Mahānata. His cultivation vastly surpassed that of ordinary people, and could only be rivaled by rare geniuses from the immortal world.

Next up was the third step, which would make him an Eternal Sands Sage, and give him even more incredible strength.

‘The Hand of the One God. The Blood of the One God….’ As he pushed his true energy to the limit, manifestations of heavenly workings streamed into his mind. Suddenly, he found himself in a strange state. It was almost like his vision could seep into the never-ending river of history, and go trillions of years into the future.

The aura of the One God was building up in him, to the point where it was almost like a mist.

Unfortunately, it was impossible to tell how long it would take to gather enough of the aura of the One God to form the blood that was his goal. After the process went on for some time, he shivered, and then drew all of the energy he had gathered into the ancestral aperture in his forehead. There, it turned into something like a tiny drop of blood, translucent and pure, something that could create both radiance and light, and darkness and gloom. It was clearly supreme in every sense, and something that existed above the daos of all other things.

‘Great! All that work paid off. I have one drop of the Blood of the One God! With this to power my Hand of the One God, I could definitely fight an eighth step Great Sage.’

However, in that moment of elation, the God Legion Seal in his forehead apparently sensed the Blood of the One God, and let out a stream of golden light which absorbed it.

‘What?!’ From what Yang Qi could tell, the ancestral aperture in his forehead was now completely empty. That Blood of the One God was nowhere to be seen.

However, after absorbing the blood, the golden imp was now covered with a network of strange marks that almost looked like cracks. However, they weren’t cracks; they were something like immortal motes, except vastly, vastly more powerful.

Apparently, the golden imp was transforming!

The God Legion Seal was shattered and incomplete, but as Yang Qi furthered his cultivation, it would grow.


The imp shivered, and then a profound and powerful dao streamed out of it and into Yang Qi’s mind.

All of a sudden, Yang Qi could sense the birth and destruction of the universe, the reincarnation of all lives, the orbits of the sun and moon, the beginning of all heavenly bodies, and the trajectories of the planes of existence. He sensed the many immortal worlds, the profundities of hell, and even the limitless nature of space-time.

Power coursed through him, making his aura holy and strong. In that moment, he could sense the dome of heaven, and then he opened his eyes, and looked up through the barrier that led to the immortal planes, and far, far beyond that to the halls of heaven.

The numerous chain-like fetters that existed within the God Legion Paradise, and also the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth, began to change. They were filled with the aura of the godmammoths, and became, not sage motes, but god motes, which were even more stable than immortal motes. At the same time, the thirty million megamammoths inside him transformed again. They now had fully elephantine heads and fully human bodies, with trunks that could absorb the power of the halls of heaven.

The God Legion Seal had taken away the drop of the Blood of the One God, but had then used it to empower Yang Qi even more. His sage motes, were now substructurally stronger than immortal motes.

Thanks to all that, his Hand of the One God was actually just as strong as it would have been when powered by the Blood of the One God.

Looking down, he ripped a huge hole into the golden surface of the ground, creating a cavern that stretched thousands of meters down to reveal endless devil energy and a vein of local ore. 

Yang Qi took a deep breath, and his God Legion Paradise became like a black hole that quickly absorbed all of the hellish devil stone.

Wherever he went in the Hell of Mahānata, he could easily take such stone, convert it into spirit stones, and use the results for his own purposes.

Sagely- and heavenly-grade spirit stones were essentially there for the taking.

The Hell of Mahānata was similar to an immortal world, but not all immortal worlds were the same. There were many immortal worlds that actually couldn’t compare to the Hell of Mahānata, and because of that, the ores available were considered extremely precious.

Of course, the devil energy had to be purified first.

Few people in the Hanging Mountain could do anything like that, and those who could do it, such as the August Patriarch, the Holy Mother, or certain Epic Saga Sages, could not do it easily, and would have to pay a severe price to succeed. Of course, Yang Qi was different.

‘What? Is that a vein of ore that surpasses the heavenly-grade?’

Shockingly, Yang Qi could sense that this ore was the level of godly-grade spirit stone!

Normally, godly-grade spirit stones were what Demi-Immortals needed to further their cultivation.


Yang Qi waved his hand, and an enormous mountain was torn up from the ground, causing preheaven devil energy to spill out.

Deep in the crater left behind by the enormous mountain, there was a vein of ore like a river.

And at the source of the vein, there was a rock the size of a building.

A massive flow of devil energy spilled out of the stone, shocking to the extreme. In fact, if it weren’t for the fact that Yang Qi cultivated the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth, it would have immediately devilized him.

It was impossible to say how many countless tens of thousands of years that stone had existed, absorbing devil energy until it turned into a full-blown devil embryo.

‘That thing is incredible!’ Yang Qi thought. Not even an eighth step Great Sage could touch a stone like this safely.

Blurring into motion, he dove into the golden ground, protecting himself with the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth.

Moments later, he was in front of the huge stone. To Yang Qi, it was almost like crystal, and sitting cross-legged in the middle of it was something that looked like an embryo made of stone.

It had clearly-defined features, and was constantly absorbing the surrounding devil energy.

‘A devil embryo!’ Yang Qi thought, shaken. This devilish stone had formed a devil embryo, and if it ever emerged into the world, it could shake all creation. In fact, it would come into existence at the Great Sage level or even higher.

However, if he could cleanse it, then the devil embryo would be transformed into an immortal embryo.

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