Chapter 380: It Ends

Finest Magic was dead, wiped out of existence by Yang Qi. 

Now that Yang Qi had his nascent divinity ensconced in the Hell of Mahānata, it took almost no effort on his part to draw on the essence of the plane, which was so enormous that not even the host of immortals knew all of its secrets. The Rich-Lush Continent would be like a speck of dust if it were placed inside of it. And the fighting being between Yang Qi and the others was no more impressive than a handful of country bumpkins engaged in a wrestling contest in the mortal world. It hardly attracted any attention at all. 

Yang Qi was strong, but not strong enough to have dealings with the higher entities that existed here. After all, not even Demolishers could really cause waves in the Hell of Mahānata.

Because it was so large, ensconcing a nascent divinity there was a very difficult task that not even Demi-Immortals would be able to do. Thankfully, Yang Qi had succeeded, and that opened a huge door for him, and gave him easy access to immense power.

Henceforth, it would be much easier to summon fiend-devils and devil-gods. With almost no effort, he could have huge armies at his disposal, and all of them Great Sages.

His true energy surged, and the particles within him stirred. Suddenly, the thirty million megamammoths inside of him began to transform, as their lower halves took human shape.

In other words, they were gradually turning into entities with elephantine heads and human bodies.

And that was the form of the godmammoth.

Even as Finest Magic was cut down, Mammoth Manyvoids’ momentum placed him right next to Yang Qi, who turned to face him, simultaneously expanding his God Legion Paradise. Mammoth Manyvoids’ attack hit the domain like an ant hitting an oak tree, provoking not even the tiniest reaction.


The Hand of the One God appeared, transforming everything in the area into primal-chaos, and even evaporating the air. Mammoth Manyvoids was crushed into a pulp, and the Planet God power within him spread out in all directions, dazzlingly brilliant.

“Planet God Aggregation; Personal Invincibility!”

Mammoth Manyvoids lurched backward, and the gory pulp of his body formed back; he had been born again with starlight.

And yet, the Hand of the One God was not done with its work. Before Mammoth Manyvoids could escape, he was grabbed by the hand, which caused him to rapidly shrink down until he was only a few inches tall.

“No!” he shouted, throwing his head back and howling at the top of his lungs. “Don’t kill me! I’ll give you hoards of treasure once we're out of here. I'm the son of August Patriarch Mammoth Heaven! If you kill me, you’ll make mortal enemies of all the Mammothfolk. It will cause an uproar in the Hanging Mountain!”


Yang Qi ignored him. The Hand of the One God closed tightly, and Mammoth Manyvoids exploded. Even his magical treasures were reduced to dust. Then, sagefire burned away his remains until the only thing left was a single drop of blood. Godmammoth blood.

‘Incredible,’ Yang Qi thought. ‘This is pure godmammoth blood. With this, my Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth will definitely reach a higher level.’ He gestured, and the blood entered his body.

Mammoth Manyvoids was dead.

And with his blood, Yang Qi was already fiercer than before. Turning, he faced the final three opponents: Stunning Beheader, Ninja Unity, and Wilds Primeking.

All three were already so shaken they could hardly move.

Of their alliance of five, the two most powerful had already been killed, so there was obviously nothing they could do now to stay alive.

“Run!” Stunning Beheader shouted, turning to flee.

Ninja Unity and Wilds Primeking both fled in different directions, praying that Yang Qi wouldn’t chase them.

Unfortunately, even as it seemed they would disappear into the Hell of Mahānata, Yang Qi blurred into motion, becoming three separate versions of himself, each of which launched a Hand of the One God at one of the fleeing enemies.


Three booms rang out, and three dazzling flashes of light could be seen. Three mighty experts were crushed out of existence, their immortal items destroyed.

The Hand of the One God could even destroy that which was immortal.

Five experts, all dead. Their sage motes, and anything valuable that Yang Qi wanted, were his for the taking. Yang Qi was far and away the first place winner of the competition.

After absorbing the sage motes and immortal motes, he absorbed any leftover quintessence energy into the God Legion Paradise.

The sage motes formed something like thick chains that made the God Legion Paradise even stronger and more durable than before.

The God Legion Paradise was changing again, on a fundamental level.

If an eighth step Without Limit Sage could see him now, that person’s jaw would drop. The thick, chain-like sage motes that he had were something that only ten thousand Great Sages working together would normally be able to produce. They were something that a single individual shouldn’t possess.

In other words, Yang Qi was like the equivalent of ten thousand second step Nirvanic Resurrection Sages, with true energy, psychic powers, and martial arts of the ultimate quality.

With the fighting over, he sat down cross-legged. Now was not the time to slaughter more fiend-devils, but rather, to stabilize himself. After killing five powerful Great Sages, and especially after gaining that drop of blood from Mammoth Manyvoids, he had work to do.

After he was stable, he would leave.

He didn't need a passageway created by the immortal world; he now had the capability of leaving on his own.

With his nascent divinity ensconced in the Hell of Mahānata, there would be nothing to block his passage, something that ordinary Demi-Immortals couldn’t even do.


The Hanging Mountain had exploded into a furor.

The old-timers had been keeping a close eye on the ranking list, and had watched Yang Qi’s name grow dim, which seemed to indicate he was about to perish. In contrast, the names of his five opponents had begun to shine brightly, from the fact that they were unleashing deadly moves.

In that moment, even Yan Wubing felt like his heart was about to lurch out of his throat.

In the end, Yang Qi’s name actually went completely dark, which meant that he had died. However, despite being dark, the name didn’t disappear, which led to wide-spread confusion.

Then, only a moment later, his name suddenly became incomparably bright, like the sun suddenly appearing on a dark night.

One by one, the names of the five other competitors he had been fighting went dark, and then vanished.

They all died!

Five top experts had been killed in body and soul.

“They all perished!”

“Mammoth Manyvoids. Finest Magic. Stunning Beheader. Wilds Primeking. Ninja Unity. All five of them just died. My god! Not even they could stand up to him? What exactly is Yang Qi?”

“Dead…? Dead…. Ai….” Many Demonfolk chiefs were sighing, and wondering if they should switch loyalties from the August Patriarch to the Holy Mother.

“This….” The chiefs of the Lionfolk, Sharkfolk, and others were all staring with wide eyes, and then many of them coughed up blood from the rage and shock. Most of them actually thought they were seeing things. “They’re all dead?”

“Miraculous! Simply miraculous….” Leviathan Truesoaring and Yan Wubing were both stunned. However, a moment later, all of their subordinates began to cheer at the tops of their lungs. None of them could ever have guessed that their young master would be this strong. Before, many of them had actually felt a bit resentful, and weren’t willing to accept this son of the Holy Mother. Although they recognized his status, they didn’t see why they should care so much about him.

But now, they understood. Now, they realized there was no other choice than to accept him with open arms.

Of course, it still seemed impossible that someone in the eighth Legendary transformation could go into the Hell of Mahānata and put on such a show. He had even killed seventh step Great Sages! The difference between the eighth Legendary transformation and the seventh step of the Great Sage level was like the difference between worlds. They were nearly ten sub-levels apart. There was simply no way to bridge that gap. Not even the sons of immortals could do something like that. The only one who might be able to was the son of a god.

There had never been a genius who ever fought someone so much higher and won.

Yang Qi had broken the fetters of reality.

“Manyvoids!” howled August Patriarch Mammoth Heaven, and from the way he exploded with energy fluctuations, it seemed like he might be considering piercing through the void to do something about the situation. Both of his most promising sons had just died.

“Mammoth Manyvoids and Mammoth Force are both dead. They were the top geniuses of their generation. Yang Qi killed them, and that damnable Holy Mother is at fault!” The Epic Saga Sage elders were all buzzing with rage, and seemed on the verge of flying out and starting a war right then and there.

“Dead? All dead?!” Ape Heavenhelve was too stunned to even move. How could he ever have predicted that Yang Qi would do this? His worst predictions had involved Yang Qi simply escaping, not sticking around and slaughtering everyone.

Was he even human?

All of a sudden, Ape Heavenhelve realized that making an enemy of him had been a very bad decision.


“Ninja Unity!”

The Wilds God and the Ninja God were howling in rage outside of the Hanging Mountain. A son and a successor had been killed, both of whom had immortal items. Now, they were buried forever in the Hell of Mahānata. Worse, there was nothing their respective organizations could do to threaten Yang Qi.

The results of the competition were now obvious, and the only thing left to do was wait for the formal conclusion. Although there were still people left alive, they were all fourth step Great Sages, so there was obviously no way any of them could kill Yang Qi or outscore him.

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