Chapter 380: It Ends

Finest Magic was dead, wiped out of existence by Yang Qi. 

Now that Yang Qi had his nascent divinity ensconced in the Hell of Mahānata, it took almost no effort on his part to draw on the essence of the plane, which was so enormous that not even the host of immortals knew all of its secrets. The Rich-Lush Continent would be like a speck of dust if it were placed inside of it. And the fighting being between Yang Qi and the others was no more impressive than a handful of country bumpkins engaged in a wrestling contest in the mortal world. It hardly attracted any attention at all. 

Yang Qi was strong, but not strong enough to have dealings with the higher entities that existed here. After all, not even Demolishers could really cause waves in the Hell of Mahānata.

Because it was so large, ensconcing a nascent divinity there was a very difficult task that not even Demi-Immortals would be able to do. Thankfully, Yang Qi had succeeded, and that opened a huge door for him, and gave him easy...

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