Chapter 379: Complete Slaughter

The attacks from the five experts had been just on the verge of hitting Yang Qi. However, that was when he used some mysterious ability to negate them. He was now fusing with the Hell of Mahānata, and its powers were freely mixing with his.

He was reaching the next highest level of enlightenment, and ensconcing his nascent divinity into the void around him.


Immense force was building up inside of him. At the same time, the magical laws of the Hell of Mahānata were rushing into the God Legion Paradise and toward him. As of this moment, the God Legion Paradise was the Hell of Mahānata, and the reverse was also true.

Everyone present looked on in shock as Yang Qi’s soul imbedded itself deeply into the essence of the surrounding hell.

Looking terrified, Mammoth Manyvoids said, “Go, go, go! We still have time to turn things around. Destroy his domain! His nascent divinity still isn’t completely part of the Hell of Mahānata.”

With that, he spat out a mouthful of blood that transformed into a psychic...

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