Chapter 377: Experts Go All Out


A certain mountain in the Hell of Mahānata split open, just from the shockwaves of the Hand of the One God. In the mortal world, a mountain like that would be considered a place of gods or devils, the type of thing that could never crumble. Great Sages under the fifth step couldn’t even shake it. And yet, when battered by the Hand of the One God, it was as weak as tofu dregs.

As for Mammoth Manyvoids, he was forced to unleash true flame, and fully activate the godmammoth blood within him. As a result, vital energy flared around him, creating massive flows of energy that surrounded him like spider webs.

As the two of them competed in terms of true energy, the destructive shockwaves obliterated everything around them.

Of course, Mammoth Manyvoids couldn’t have been more shocked. He had assumed that Yang Qi was only strong enough to kill fifth and sixth step Great Sages. And considering that he was at the peak of the seventh step, he was as different from Ape Electrospace and Ape Purgemalice as night was from day. He hadn’t been the least bit worried about fighting Yang Qi.

How could he have known that Yang Qi was most definitely capable of dealing with him? In fact, with the Hand of the One God, he actually had the advantage, and was forcing Mammoth Manyvoids to gasp for breath as he fought.

There was something about Yang Qi’s energy that seemed to be specifically designed to counter him. Mammoth Manyvoids was even beginning to suspect it had something to do with his own ancestors, the godmammoths.

For a first step Born Again Sage to fight a seventh step Planet God Sage, even relying on powerful magical treasures or immortal items, was something that Mammoth Manyvoids had never even heard whispers of. Not even the most ancient records in existence talked about geniuses like that.

Even in the most fantastic stories, it was only possible for first step Great Sages to win against fifth step opponents.

But the seventh step? That defied imagination.

Not even ten thousand first step Great Sages should be able to fight a seventh step opponent.

The level discrepancy was just too great.

All of a sudden, a voice rang out, interrupting the fighting between Yang Qi and Mammoth Manyvoids. 

“Well, Mammoth Manyvoids, you're really turning out to be a useless fool.” 

A white-robed man appeared, a person with command over the most powerful and finest magics, his eyes glittering with malice and murder as he stared at Yang Qi.

Finest Magic.

He was considered the second-most powerful cultivator in the competition, and was a human who didn’t hail from the Hanging Mountain. He was also a seventh step Planet God Sage.

Yang Qi retracted the Hand of the One God and looked over at him. At the same time, Mammoth Manyvoids stepped back, worried about who exactly Finest Magic intended to attack.

“Finest Magic,” he said. “Let’s join forces to kill Yang Qi. Do you want the points, or King Immortal-Slayer’s legacy medallion?”

“You’re too kind to offer me the choice,” Finest Magic replied. “I’ll take the points, and you take the medallion. Of course, that means I’ll have to kill him with my own hands.” He and Mammoth Manyvoids sounded like two pirates discussing how to split up some treasure.

Suddenly, another voice rang out. “You two are going to share the booty and ignore me?”

A bare-chested young man appeared, pulsing with the aura of the Brute-Wilds Continent. He was also a seventh step Great Sage, and was considered the third most-powerful competitor, Stunning Beheader.

Now there were three vicious tigers eyeing the prey that was Yang Qi.

“We want our share too.” 

Two more individuals appeared. One of them was clad head to toe in black garments, leaving only his eyes visible. He was from the Quake-Dawn Cathedral’s Hall of Ninjas. He was Ninja Unity, the apprentice of the Ninja God himself. Next to him was a hulking young man who pulsed with a wild, chaotic energy. He was Wilds Primeking, the son of the Wilds God.

Both of them were sixth step Great Sages, and yet, thanks to the immortal items they had been given by their respective organizations, they were no weaker than the seventh step. They were also in the top ten on the ranking list, and were considered to be outstanding individuals among the competitors.

Five top experts had Yang Qi surrounded.

Things had just become very real.

Considering that these were all of the top figures in the competition, this was an even more serious situation than when Ape Purgemalice and Ape Electrospace had teamed up against him. 

Three Planet God Sages and two Heavenly Workings Sages had this section of hell completely locked down, making escape an impossibility.

“Have anything else to say, Yang Qi?” Mammoth Manyvoids said. “There’s no way you’ll escape this situation. And we can’t be bought off. You’ll be dying shortly, and we’ll be taking your points and everything else that belongs to you.”

“That’s right, Yang Qi,” Stunning Beheader said. “Show us your best techniques. We're going to kill you, but you can still go out in a blaze of glory. I have to admit, I really admire you. It’s hard to believe it's going to take this many high-level Great Sages to take you out. Unfortunately, your end has come, and no one can save you. Rest assured, I will tell stories of you in all of the Four Wilds. Many people will hear of your mighty accomplishments.”

Wilds Primeking stepped forward. “You’re just getting what you deserve, Yang Qi. I know you killed my brother Wilds Everlasting, and then framed the Quake-Dawn Cathedral. A lot of people died in the fighting that resulted because of that. It was only after some of the paragon elders from the two organizations used Light Refraction Reverse Modeling Divination that the truth was revealed.”

Suddenly, a thrumming sound could be heard as Ninja Unity powered up to fight. “I'm Ninja Unity from the Hall of Ninjas in the Quake-Dawn Cathedral. Today, your blood will become a sacrifice to my ninja sword.”

Yang Qi looked around coolly at his opponents.

“Make your move, people,” he said. “I'm in the first step, and you, a group of sixth and seventh steps, are trying to take me on with the advantage of numbers. Soon, the sand beneath our feet will be stained with blood. Yours. And the only question is: how many of you will become vengeful souls here in the Hell of Mahānata?”

Yang Qi’s words grated at the five Great Sages like strings of metal, and caused their expressions to flicker. In fact, no one knew what to say in response.

He was by no means exaggerating. He had already killed multiple Great Sages without being hurt at all, and if he went all out, it seemed likely that he could kill more.

More than anyone else, Mammoth Manyvoids knew that Yang Qi wasn’t bluffing.

Snorting coldly, he said, “You're too terrifying, Yang Qi. You have to be put down, or else none of us will ever be able to rest easy. Too much bad blood has built up. If we let you go now, then after the competition ends, we would definitely suffer catastrophe sooner or later.”

“He’s definitely too dangerous to let live,” Finest Magic said. “If he's this bad now, who knows how bad he would be later. And that’s not to mention what would happen if he got the blessing of the immortal world. He might reach the Without Limit Step or even the Epic Saga Step. And then, none of us would even come close to being a match for him.”

“Apparently none of you are afraid of dying?” Yang Qi said, looking around at them. “Is that right?”

“He’s trying to weaken our resolve,” Finest Magic said. “Come on, we can kill him. He looks tough on the outside, but inside, he's weak.”

Everyone knew that if they didn't work as a team, Yang Qi could theoretically pick them off one by one. And if he somehow escaped, it would spell disaster in the future. Once the competition was over, it would be difficult to get a chance to kill him, especially considering that he was the Holy Mother’s son.

“Kill him!” Mammoth Manyvoids said, his voice trembling with bloodthirsty rage. “We have to attack together, and without hesitation. If I'm the one who gets his points, I’ll make sure the rest of you get big rewards from the Hanging Mountain.”

Everyone knew that they had to attack, and end the fight quickly.

And thus, all five experts lunged forward in attack.



Outside in the Hanging Mountain, the top names on the immortal ranking list began to emit energy fluctuations that were very telling.

“They’re fighting!” declared many of the old-timers who were paying close attention.

This was something that would always happen in the competition when the final fighting began. The top competitors’ names on the list would emit special auras and fluctuations that would give clues as to their current situation.

“Look at the ranking list. Mammoth Manyvoids, Stunning Beheader, Finest Magic, Ninja Unity, and Wilds Primeking are all fighting with Yang Qi.”

“This is it! This is the final bout. Those five are all in the top ten, and they’re teaming up to fight Yang Qi. You never see stuff like this. When Yang Qi went in there, he was in the eighth Legendary transformation. Even if he reached the Great Sage level since then, there’s no way he can take on that many powerful opponents.”

“Yeah, but it looks like he’s holding his own. What a pity we can't actually see the fighting. It must be spectacular.”

“This is bad,” Leviathan Truesoaring said, his expression grim. “Five top experts are teaming up against the young master. I don’t care how tough he is, he only has two hands. How can he fight so many enemies at the same time?”

“You’re right, it’s a dangerous situation,” Yan Wubing said, a very serious expression on his face. “Unfortunately, we can’t do anything to help him. It’s all up to the young master now.” Of course, Yan Wubing knew there was some terrifying, mysterious power lurking in Yang Qi, and that was of some comfort.

Some distance away, Chief Lion let out a string of vicious laughter, and then said, “Yang Qi is definitely going to get what’s coming to him. I can’t wait to see the little bastard die.”

At the peak of Mount Sumeru, Ape Heavenhelve’s eyes were glued to the immortal ranking list, and his blood pumped with hatred for Yang Qi.

Off to the side, a Mammothfolk expert rushed to report matters to August Patriarch Mammoth Heaven.

“August Patriarch, Mammoth Manyvoids and several other experts have Yang Qi surrounded.”

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