Chapter 377: Experts Go All Out


A certain mountain in the Hell of Mahānata split open, just from the shockwaves of the Hand of the One God. In the mortal world, a mountain like that would be considered a place of gods or devils, the type of thing that could never crumble. Great Sages under the fifth step couldn’t even shake it. And yet, when battered by the Hand of the One God, it was as weak as tofu dregs.

As for Mammoth Manyvoids, he was forced to unleash true flame, and fully activate the godmammoth blood within him. As a result, vital energy flared around him, creating massive flows of energy that surrounded him like spider webs.

As the two of them competed in terms of true energy, the destructive shockwaves obliterated everything around them.

Of course, Mammoth Manyvoids couldn’t have been more shocked. He had assumed that Yang Qi was only strong enough to kill fifth and sixth step Great Sages. And considering that he was at the peak of the seventh step, he was as different from Ape Electrospace and Ape Purgemalice as night was from day. He...

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