Chapter 376: Mammoth Manyvoids’ Debut

Starlight glittered around this new arrival, making it seem like he was surrounded by a river of stars.

“Mammoth Manyvoids,” Yang Qi said by way of greeting. “The strongest of his generation among the Mammothfolk. Seventh step Planet God Sage, and invincible fighter.”

Not only was Mammoth Manyvoids an elite genius of the Mammothfolk, he had previously occupied the first place slot in the ranking list. Also, he was on the verge of breaking through to the eighth step.

Every competitor was linked to the immortal ranking list, and could check it at any time. Obviously, it was common knowledge even among the competitors in the Hell of Mahānata that Ape Electrospace and Ape Purgemalice had been killed, and that it was Yang Qi who did it. His sudden increase in points made that obvious.

It seemed highly likely that, when the competition ended, Yang Qi would be proclaimed the top elite disciple in all of the Hanging Mountain. Of course, there were many people who had no desire...

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