Chapter 375: Nascent Divinity Ensconcement

Ape Heavenhelve looked at the immortal ranking list, and was at first convinced that he was seeing things. But after a moment passed, he threw his head back and roared. 


The agony and despair he felt defied description, and anyone who heard his cry felt their hair standing on end.

“Dead. Dead! The best disciples of the Apefolk, my two sons, both dead!? Ape Purgemalice acquired the Seven Malices Heaven-Scroll, a legacy from an immortal world. He was supposed to become an immortal. How could he be dead?

“And Ape Electrospace was born with lightning in his blood, and could communicate directly with electricity. Tribulations didn’t hurt him, they helped him. He slaughtered too many sixth step Great Sages to count, and was supposed to succeed me as clan chief. How could he be dead?”

Ape Heavenhelve’s hand clamped down onto the Heaven-Propping Pillar so tightly that it emitted cracking sounds.

He was so angry he felt like he was going crazy, and wanted to kill everyone in sight just to ease his heart. 

All of the Demonfolk who had tried...

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