Chapter 374: Powerless to Resist

The Superlative Defense was something that could defend against a myriad of attacks.

Back when Yang Qi fought the Crown Prince, not even eighteen Great Sages had been able to scratch its surface. And now, he was far, far stronger than back then. After adding the four major elements of earth, water, fire, and wind, the Superlative Defense really did live up to its descriptor, ‘superlative’.

‘Not even my Violet Emperor’s Nine Firmaments Palm could do anything to him?’ Ape Purgemalice thought. It was truly shocking to him, and he couldn’t help but wonder who exactly this Yang Qi was deep inside. Ape Purgemalice was at the ultimate peak of the sixth step, and was just on the verge of reaching the seventh. He had refined his cultivation base for an entire lifetime, and even had the legacy of an immortal. That was why he called himself Purgemalice.

Defeat malice, seek the truth.

Be boundless and without limit, indestructible and immea...

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