Chapter 373: Ape Battle

The area around Mount Sumeru was like a boiling cauldron. Of course, it started when Lion Hightower and the other Lionfolk were killed. But the reaction to that event was like nothing compared to when Mammoth Force, Shark Seaguzzler, and geniuses and young chiefs of the other clans all perished. They vanished like they were wheat being harvested, and the crowd was instantly thrown into a state of frenzy.

That was especially true of the chiefs of the Horsefolk, Rhinofolk, and Leopardfolk. They and the other leaders of their people were crestfallen and grief-stricken, and many were literally howling in rage. Although they were all Without Limit Sages, they were not humans, and thus, were not constrained by human etiquette and ceremony. They did nothing to hide their emotions and feelings, and thus instantly devolved into fits of murderous anger.

“Dead! My son is dead!” The chief of the Sharkfolk began to laugh maniacally, and glare with hateful rage at Yan Wubing and Leviathan Truesoaring.

Of course, he didn’t dare...

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