Chapter 372: The Heroes Strike

Even as Yang Qi opened the door and stepped into the Great Sage level, the Eternal Godwind raged so viciously that the area for thousands of kilometers around him was razed to the ground. Because of the energy fluctuations, anyone even remotely in that vicinity would be able to detect what was happening.

Great Sages were particularly sensitive to the fluctuations of tribulation, and high-level Great Sages could even tell the type of tribulation it was, and sometimes, the type of technique cultivated by the person undergoing it.

This tribulation was particularly fierce, the type that not even seventh or eighth step Great Sages would normally face.

‘What a strong tribulation!’ murmured a grim-faced young man located several tens of thousands of kilometers away, a fifth step Light King Sage, roughly as strong as Lion Hightower. He wore a suit of armor forged from sharkskin, and had his hands clasped behind...

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