Chapter 372: The Heroes Strike

Even as Yang Qi opened the door and stepped into the Great Sage level, the Eternal Godwind raged so viciously that the area for thousands of kilometers around him was razed to the ground. Because of the energy fluctuations, anyone even remotely in that vicinity would be able to detect what was happening.

Great Sages were particularly sensitive to the fluctuations of tribulation, and high-level Great Sages could even tell the type of tribulation it was, and sometimes, the type of technique cultivated by the person undergoing it.

This tribulation was particularly fierce, the type that not even seventh or eighth step Great Sages would normally face.

‘What a strong tribulation!’ murmured a grim-faced young man located several tens of thousands of kilometers away, a fifth step Light King Sage, roughly as strong as Lion Hightower. He wore a suit of armor forged from sharkskin, and had his hands clasped behind his back. Behind him was the projected image of a boundless ocean, filled with hordes of fiercely-fighting sharks.

He was a young chief of the Sharkfolk, Shark Seaguzzler, and was a cohort of Mammoth Force. He had been searching for Yang Qi for quite some time already, and was thus quite delighted to sense this vicious tribulation. Obviously, this was the perfect chance to strike at Yang Qi.

“Young Chief,” a nearby Sharkfolk Great Sage said. “It must be Yang Qi in that tribulation. It’s an Eternal Godwind! The legacy of King Immortal-Slayer is really marvelous. Should we notify Mammoth Force? Or do we want to take him on alone?”

“It would be stupid to go in alone,” Shark Seaguzzler said. “He's too big of a fish for us to swallow whole. If we did that, we’d probably end up like Lion Hightower: dead.”

“Alright, let’s notify Mammoth Force!”

The message was sent, and soon, just about all of the experts in the competition knew that Yang Qi was in the middle of reaching the Great Sage level.

“Find his specific location!” Mammoth Force growled. “Shark Seaguzzler did well to remain loyal to me. Not like that fool Lion Hightower. I’ll reward him well for this. Let’s go. The sooner Yang Qi is dead, the sooner I’ll get the legacy of King Immortal-Slayer.”


He took a step forward, and space-time shattered as he shot in the general direction of Yang Qi.

Shark Seaguzzler was too nervous to try to enter the Eternal Godwind, so he simply waited until Mammoth Force appeared.

“You’re finally here!” Shark Seaguzzler said. “Look. Yang Qi is stepping into the Great Sage level. Do we go in and try to kill him?”

“An Eternal Godwind!” Mammoth Force said, shaken. “Incredible. I can’t believe he actually provoked a tribulation like this. What will he be like if he succeeds? Listen up, everyone. Set up a Demon Horde Heavenly Paradise Formation, and sacrifice your best magical treasures to power it. We’re going to carve a passageway through the Eternal Godwind!”

“Yes sir!”

The Demonfolk Great Sages from the Sharkfolk, Horsefolk, Leopardfolk, Rhinofolk and of course the Mammothfolk, all began to throw out magical treasures and detonate them. They also sent out their will and quintessence-blood. Then, Mammoth Force combined it all to create something like a river that pierced through the Eternal Godwind. It was actually a space-time wormhole that reached all the way to Yang Qi, who was still forming his sage motes.

“Kill him!” Mammoth Force said with a cruel smile, and then he lunged into the passageway.

There were already about ten fifth step Great Sages present, and dozens of a lower level than that. With all of them combining their power, and the fact that Yang Qi had already absorbed much of the Eternal Godwind, it was little wonder they were able to get through it.

As Mammoth Force barreled forward, the projection of an ancient megamammoth appeared above him, causing his blood to pump, and allowing him to rapidly absorb the surrounding devil energy.

“Yang Qi! Your end has come. I won’t offer you even a scrap of mercy. Immortal axe!” 

An enormous axe appeared in his hand, which rapidly extended to a length of three thousand meters. Without another word, he chopped the axe toward Yang Qi.

Meanwhile, Shark Seaguzzler and the other Great Sages arrived, and began to unleash consummate attacks of their own.

Brilliant demon light shone in all directions as magical laws were unleashed to devastating effect.

“Echo Heaven, Mirror Earth!” Mammoth Force shouted, rapidly expanding in size, and thrumming with powerful energy.

His eyes shone with golden light, to the point where he seemed capable of destroying mountains, much less Yang Qi.


When the axe hit Yang Qi’s God Legion Paradise, a sonorous boom rang out, and yet, that was it. The axe did not pierce into Yang Qi’s domain.

And then, Yang Qi slowly opened his eyes, and took in a breath.


He inhaled the entire Eternal Godwind, and then stood up, causing all creation to shake violently.

Before Mammoth Force could do anything, Yang Qi sent an enormous hand flying toward him, a hand that could twist the universe, a hand that was powerful, merciful, and domineering, all at the same time.

The hand grabbed the blade of the axe, which subsequently crumbled as surely as if it were made from tofu. Even the immortal motes faded away.

“That Which is Deathless Will Always Fall,” Yang Qi said, his voice ringing loud and clear as he took a step forward. Instantly, a host of glowing war chariots appeared in the air around him, driven by god-spirits that burned with fire and held long spears in their hands.


Mammoth Force staggered backward, looking almost drunk. Before he could even react, Yang Qi was right in front of him.

“You…. Yang Qi… you….”  Then, he collapsed into pieces, causing blood and gore to fly everywhere.

Sagelight erupted from Yang Qi to purify the chunks of his corpse, turning the blood into something transparent and porcelain-like, which then streamed toward his fingers.

That blood thrummed as if with the trumpeting of a herd of megamammoths from antiquity.

“Godmammoth blood. Excellent.” A moment later, he shook his head. “Sadly, it's very weak. I hope your father has purer blood than this.”

Mammoth Force had perished, and Yang Qi had absorbed the godmammoth blood he had in him. “Well, even though it’s weak, this will still help me rise within the Great Sage level. Time for another breakthrough!”

Crack! Snap!

Thunderous rumbling could be heard as millions upon millions of particles within him exploded.

This time, he reached a total of thirty million, a staggering level of force that defied imagination. Hosts of megamammoths could be seen, clad in armor, covered in totemic tattoos and the script of the Godfolk.

Even just the little bit of the godmammoth aura that was in that blood was enough to cause dramatic transformations with the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth.

By now, Yang Qi had cultivated the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth far beyond the level of the ancient energy warriors. He was a saint. His sage motes trembled, then settled down like chains, tying his entire body together.

He had the strength of thirty million megamammoths, and had unlocked their genes to reveal the fundamental nature of the godmammoth.

The Eternal Godwind was gone. Mammoth Force was dead.

The remaining Demonfolk Great Sages were stunned beyond belief, and began to exchange awkward glances as they tried to figure out what to do next.

“You people came here to kill me,” Yang Qi said coolly, “and therefore, not a single one of you is going to leave here alive.”

Shark Seaguzzler was the first to regain his senses. “We have to get out of here! Retreat! Notify Mammoth Manyvoids. He’s the only one who can put up a fight.”

Then he turned and fled.

The rest of the Great Sages and young chiefs all scattered.

However, before Shark Seaguzzler could get anywhere, Yang Qi burst into motion and appeared in front of him. Then, he unleashed a single fist strike to end his life.

Just like that, a Light King Sage with power over the magical laws of time, fell. He was killed as easily as crushing a chicken egg.


Yang Qi blurred into motion again, and every time he came into view, another Great Sage died. Blood rained from the sky, and screams echoed into the sky. He was an infernal deity, out collecting souls.

After the time it takes an incense stick to burn, all of the Great Sages and young chiefs from the five clans were dead. And of course, Yang Qi’s score climbed to even greater heights. There was now no hope for even the people in the second and third place spots to ever catch up.

Out in the Hanging Mountain, another huge commotion broke out. Countless experts and old-timers of the Demonfolk watched as one young chief after another disappeared from the ranking list.

“Dead! They're all dead! One after another! Mammoth Force’s name just disappeared. He was destroyed in body and soul! Shark Seaguzzler is gone. The quintessence of the Horsefolk, Rhinofolk, and Leopardfolk are no more.”

“It was Yang Qi. His score just rose again! He killed all of them in the blink of an eye. A whole group of fifth step young chiefs were slaughtered as easily as chickens.”

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