Chapter 369: Fighting an Infernal

It didn't take long for the sagelight to break down the blood of the infernal, absorb it, and add it to the Infernal Deity Spear, making it more true and real than ever.

Normally speaking, the True Real Step was integrally linked with the fourth step of the Great Sage level. But considering how many megamammoth particles Yang Qi had awakened, he had long since reached a level equivalent to the Eternal Sands Step. And with the blood of that infernal, he now had many of the marvelous aspects of the True Real Step.

Of course, he wasn’t truly in either of those cultivation levels, just similar to them in strength and certain abilities. When he actually reached that level, he would be so far beyond his current state that it was almost impossible to quantify.

At the moment, he already emanated something like a sagely aura. It was hard to say at what point he had begun to develop a sage aura and bits of sage energy. However, one thing...

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