Chapter 368: Warmonger Giant-Devils

Warmonger giant-devils were experts of warfare and geniuses of battle. In that respect, they were similar to asuras. However, they were physically superior, and had deeper reserves of power.

On the battlefield, they were considered superior to asuras, but in terms of numbers, they were few. They were one of the rarer of the denizens of hell, whereas asuras were plentiful.

The Hell of Mahānata was a mish-mash of sorts, with all sorts of monsters present, especially the powerful sort.

Because Yang Qi had access to the memories of primeval infernal deities, he had a lot of hellish knowledge, and knew that rarer species such as this could produce elite warriors who were particularly difficult to deal with.

And on top of all of that, warmonger giant-devils had the blood of the Infernalfolk in them. Infernals were extremely rare among the denizens of hell, and also, extremely powerful, far more so than asuras. And because they were the descendants of infernal deities, they were sometimes referred to as the Infernal Deity Children.

Yang Qi had never personally encountered any of the...

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