Chapter 363: Attacking Armies

A chill, evil wind swept through the area, like sharp blades that slashed against Yang Qi’s defensive true energy, causing sparks to fly. This was a wind that was so deadly it could kill even Great Sages, something that seemed to spring directly from the nine serenities.

There was a devil-ghost in the wind, and it could sense Yang Qi. It had two long horns, like that of an ox, except twisted and bifurcated at the ends. Its eyes were blood-red, and it had a devil-eye on its forehead, which was the source of the underworldly wind that surrounded it.

A Nine Serenities Devil-Eye.

This was none other than a hell-born ox-devil, and it was in the Great Sage level.

Yang Qi had inadvertently stumbled into its territory, and as soon as it noticed, it roared, the mere sound of which shredded the air in the area. The devilish wind picked up speed, and the ox-devil began to charge, throwing its hoof-like hands wide to summon masses of primal-chaos devil energy.

“Ox-Devil Majestic Force Fist!” it growled in the ancient language of the ox-devils. It...

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