Chapter 362: Hell of Mahanata

How could anyone have guessed that the immortal world would open up a passageway to the fabled plane that was the Hell of Mahānata?

It was one of the oldest hells, and its name itself was synonymous with grandeur, profundity, and majesty.  Truth be told, it was not very well-known among the common people. It was only in ancient times that people recognized how terrifying it was in even the smallest aspects.

All types of fiend-devils existed there, including asuras, bronzeblaze fiend-devils, and giant snakes. Also among the diabolical monsters there were warmonger giant-devils, which were similar to the giants that existed among humans, but far more powerful. According to certain legends, they often took the lead in the wars against the legion of gods.

The mere thought of such creatures was terrifying.

Now that the passageway was open, powerful devil energy surged out from inside, and it was possible to see figures in the depths of the hell,...

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