Chapter 359: Power Struggles

Yang Qi hadn’t even considered that a situation like this would arise.

The Lionfolk, Leopardfolk, Rhinofolk, Sharkfolk, and Horsefolk were all openly aligned against him, and they were joined by a ninth step Great Sage Apefolk chief, Ape Heavenhelve. To most people, this group could be considered completely invincible and domineering.

Considering that so many Demon Sages wanted him dead, and he was only a Legendary, most onlookers assumed that he would soon begin groveling in terror. However, Yang Qi was the successor of the legion of gods, and had the God Legion Seal in his forehead. Even Demi-Immortals who trifled with the God Legion Seal would be killed, and even more telling, the seal was getting more powerful as he furthered his cultivation.

“Step forward, Leviathan Truesoaring. You’re the chief of the Leviathanfolk, and I'm the chief of the Apefolk. Both of our peoples are considered top forces in the Hanging Mountain.” The hulking chief of the Apefolk pointed his halberd at Yang Qi, and his killing intent erupted with boiling rage. “However, you’re protecting that brat, and I want him dead. Believe me, not even the Holy Mother could protect him right now.”

Ai!” sighed Father Leviathan. “Why are you...

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