Chapter 358: Outstanding Heroes Gather

From what Yang Qi could see, Mount Sumeru was about as large as ten Quake-Dawn Continents put together, and it glowed brighter than a conglomeration of countless stars. It was almost like a sun, shining with golden light that became a golden tempest for millions and millions of kilometers.

However, the pure, golden light was actually a different color than the gold of his Heaven-Dominating Golden Swordbreaker. This gold was as cold as ice, and deadly in nature, like the pure metallic energy from the west that could kill white tigers. [1]

The gold from the Heaven-Dominating Golden Swordbreaker was different, being domineering and grand.

Yang Qi reached out and grabbed a stream of golden light, to find that it was like razor-sharp sword energy that cut painfully at his skin.

Thankfully, his skin was incredibly tough, and it didn’t manage to slice it open.

“Such incredible vital energy,” he murmured. “If this mountain were used like a weapon, it could turn anyone into ash. It’s completely beyond the power of the Rich-Lush Continent’s Planar Pearl.”

“Mount Sumeru was created by an immortal in primeval times. Not even the August Patriarch himself can single-handedly wield its power. It requires a Holy Mother and an August Patriarch working together, backed by the power of over ten thousand Demon Sages. When unleashed, it can kill Demi-Immortals. It's because of Mount Sumeru that the Hanging Mountain can be the holy land that it is.” Father Leviathan sighed. “Unfortunately, nowadays, not even the combined forces of the entire Hanging Mountain are enough to activate it. We have no way to achieve the glories which we were capable of long ago.”

Yang Qi nodded, then looked around at the tide of people flowing toward Mount Sumeru from all directions. “There are so many people here,” he said.

There were all sorts of people present, including humans, demons, ghosts, and even devils. He saw some people who looked exactly like humans, except that they had wings, who were presumably the fabled Aeriefolk. There were giants, the same type who had worked as servants back in the Demi-Immortal Institute. They were none other than the ancient Giantfolk. And there were hosts of demons, who resembled creatures of all sorts, including bears, lions, horses, birds, centipedes, scorpions, spiders, butterflies, and the like. The Demonfolk congregated in groups according to their kind, and looked excited to attend this grand, universal meeting of sorts.

Suddenly, a foul wind picked up, filled with gritty, yellow sand. Then, an old man appeared, his body covered in golden fur, with a golden crown on his head. He was tall and burly, and radiated a sensation of mightiness.

“Well well, Father Leviathan, look at you!” he said. “You’ve finally taken a break from trying to reach the Demi-Immortal level and left the Plateau of the Leviathan. What are you doing here? Are you escorting someone to participate in the training competition? I heard the Holy Mother’s son came from the Rich-Lush Continent. Don’t tell me this is him? He's not even a Great Sage! How could he possibly take part in the training competition? He couldn't even enter the hell where the competition will take place.”

At a single glance, Yang Qi could tell that this old man radiated the aura of a king of beasts.

“Hello, Chief Lion,” Father Leviathan said. “You’re loyal to the Holy Mother, correct? Hurry up and offer greetings to the young master here.”

“Young master? More like young piece of crap!” said the old lion, spittle flying out of his mouth as he talked. Glaring ferociously at Yang Qi, he said, “This illegitimate bastard has no right to call himself ‘young master’. Sophistry, that's what it is! Only chaste virgins can become the Holy Mother! How could she possibly have a son, huh? Is she intentionally spurning the rules of the Hanging Mountain?! As the chief of the Lionfolk, I’ve already reported this matter to the heaven above. Let's see how the Holy Mother explains the situation, once she's out of seclusion.” [2]

“Illegitimate bastard?” Yang Qi said, and immediately, he began to build up his true energy as if to unleash it in a mighty attack. He could tell that this old lion's cultivation base was no weaker than Ghost Emperor Yama, and as such, was beyond him. But to be openly insulted like this meant that the Lionfolk were openly declaring themselves his enemy. “Listen, you old codger, thanks to your insults, your Lionfolk are all going to die!” 

He clearly wasn’t willing to back down even an inch.

“Hybrid son-of-a-bitch!” Chief Lion growled, his killing intent surging, and his golden mane suddenly flaring around him. Whoosh! Without any warning, he sent a beam of sword energy flying toward Yang Qi’s head.

However, Father Leviathan simply stepped forward, grabbed the sword energy, and crushed it into nothing. “Are you tired of living, old lion? How dare you insult the young master! So, you’re going against the Holy Mother. You’re only an eighth step Great Sage, you know. The Without Limit Step is powerful, but if you don’t back down, I’ll arrest you and make sure your Lionfolk become the lowest of the low among the Demonfolk.”

“Oh yeah?” Chief Lion chuckled contemptuously. “I admit your cultivation base is higher than mine, Father Leviathan. But you don't have what it takes to simply arrest me. You want war between the Leviathanfolk and the Lionfolk? If so, that’s fine with me.”

Suddenly, a peal of laughter rang out between them. “If the Lionfolk and the Leviathanfolk go to war, then the Leopardfolk will definitely side with the Lionfolk. In fact, so will the Rhinofolk and the Horsefolk.”

Powerful auras surged as a group of Great Sages joined the conversation, all of them chiefs of the Demonfolk.

One was a leopard, one was a rhino, and one was a horse.

With these three Demonfolk chiefs siding with the old lion, they had demon energy that could shake the heavens and topple the earth.

As for the chief of the Leopardfolk, he radiated an acrid aroma, and was clad in a resplendent suit of spotted armor. He held a spear in his hand, and had vicious claws. The way he looked at people, it seemed like he was getting ready to eat them, and would strike fear into the hearts of anyone who saw him. 

The chief of the Rhinofolk looked like a tall, burly man covered with a thick, black pelt. When he clenched his fists, the void around him would collapse from the sheer force. 

The chief of the Horsefolk was similarly vicious, and wore a terrifying helmet. His aura was extremely vigorous, and although he was clearly old, he was obviously full of energy.

Four Demonfolk chiefs were all standing shoulder to shoulder.

Lion. Rhino. Horse. Leopard. Their people were all prominent and numerous among the Demonfolk, and the chiefs wielded incredible power.

However, Father Leviathan merely shook his head. “That's it. You four? None of you are even in the ninth step. Even if you joined forces, what would be the point? You would still be useless vermin. Fine. The Holy Mother entrusted me to care for the young master, and since you insist on insulting him, let’s fight. I'm curious to see how strong you four chiefs really are.”

“Why are you being so rude and unreasonable, Father Leviathan? So what if you used the power of the Plateau of the Leviathan to reach the Epic Saga Step? Although we Sharkfolk and you Leviathanfolk are both sea creatures, it won’t be long before we take control!” 

Unexpectedly, the chief of the Sharkfolk was inserting himself into the scene.

He had a long, pointed head and a mouth full of sharp teeth that glittered like swords. He was fierce to the core, and was glaring at Yang Qi as if he were prey to be devoured.

“So, you’re here too, Chief Shark.” Father Leviathan chuckled coldly. “The Leviathanfolk and the Sharkfolk have never gotten along. But even in ancient times, we held the superior position. We’re the kings of the sea, and trying to fight us for that position would be pointless. Alright. I, Leviathan Truesoaring, will fight all of you. Lion. Rhino. Horse. Leopard. Shark. Bring it on.”

“There’s no need for the rest of you to team up. I’ll handle this situation.”


All of a sudden, an enormous dual-crescent-bladed halberd slashed through the void, followed by an enormous white ape with golden eyes. He was as burly as a mountain, and even the slightest quiver of his halberd seemed capable of removing the head of any enemy.

“Ape Heavenhelve!” Father Leviathan said, his expression flickering. As for Yang Qi, his heart began to beat a bit faster than normal. This Ape Heavenhelve was far larger than the other chiefs, and in fact, was roughly as tall as Father Leviathan. Furthermore, considering the faint immortal energy that seemed to pulse off of him, it was obvious that he was an Epic Saga Sage, just like Father Leviathan.

“It's the Chief of the Apefolk!”

Some of the passing Demon Sages noticed that some of the top figures among the Demonfolk were having a bit of a standoff, and they stopped to see what would happen.

The other Demonfolk chiefs who were staring down Yang Qi and Father Leviathan were all eighth step Without Limit Sages. Essentially, ‘Without Limit’ meant that they had boundless power, and could release their energy arts to devastate and dominate everything in existence. There was no limit to what they could do, and they were essentially invincible.

To put things in perspective, one could consider Ghost Emperor Yama and Chancellor Demi-Immortal, who were in the seventh step. Planet God Sages like them were far, far beneath Without Limit Sages.

In the Great Sage level, passing from the seventh step and into the eighth was a key accomplishment. Those who could make the leap, and successfully reach the Without Limit Step, were considered invincible. Those who failed, would have to slink with their tail between their legs.

Because of that, in the Hanging Mountain, all eighth step Great Sages were famous people, and generally speaking, chiefs of the various Demonfolk clans.

When it came to Epic Saga Sages, they were big shots among big shots. The only people above them were the Demi-Immortals like the August Patriarch and the Holy Mother, who were considered venerable demon-immortals.

Of course, other than the August Patriarch and the Holy Mother, demon-immortals didn’t stay on the Hanging Mountain, but instead, traveled far and wide, searching amongst the various planes of the universe for the true meaning of what it meant to be immortal.

Right now, there were so many Demonfolk converging on the Hanging Mountain that they were like streams of ants. Even still, to see a large group of eighth and ninth step Great Sages was no small matter, and was quite eye-catching.

“Look, that’s the chief of the Apefolk, Ape Heavenhelve. And that’s the chief of the Leviathanfolk, Leviathan Truesoaring. Looks like they’re having an argument about the Holy Mother’s son.”

“I can't believe the Holy Mother’s son is so weak. He's only a Legendary?”

“Don’t underestimate him just because he’s a Legendary. His cultivation base is beyond belief. He kills Great Sages like it’s as simple as eating rice or drinking water. He fought a few rounds with Mammoth Force, and casually cut down some of his Great Sage followers.”

“What?! Mammoth-Force? But he's a fifth step Light King Sage! How could a Legendary stand up to him? Are you sure you weren’t hallucinating?”

“I think that story is fake. That said, he did kill that famous guy from the Rich-Lush Continent who they called the Crown Prince. And he also got King Immortal-Slayer’s command medallion. With the powers of that medallion, it wouldn’t be surprising if he were able to kill Great Sages.”

1. The white tiger is one of the four auspicious beasts of Chinese culture. It represents the west, and also the metal from the five phases. And don’t forget that the character for “metal” in the five phases is actually the same character for “gold”.

2. Just to be clear, the term he used is a derogatory word referring to a son born out of wedlock. There are other terms which often get translated as “bastard” that don’t carry that meaning.

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