Chapter 355: The Holy Mother

Out in the void, in a location of utter darkness and gloom, with no stars or any light of any other sort, Yan Wubing strolled forward through the pitch black. At a certain point, he extended his finger, and a lamp appeared, casting light ahead of him, revealing a path.

It was narrow and cramped, and had apparently been hewn out by some almighty being.

On either side of the path, it was possible to see vicious faces, devil-ghosts who would let out spine-tingling howls, and try to break onto the path to consume whoever it was that bore the light.

Yan Wubing proceeded along the path carefully, not daring to touch the pitch-black ‘walls’ on either side. Occasionally, he would sigh, and occasionally he would cough. ‘The Hell of Gloom and Darkness is certainly powerful. But as long as I follow this passageway carved out by the Holy Mother, I should be safe. I mustn’t stray to the side, even a single pace. This hell is even more terrifying than the Hell of Suras. This is where the destruction god-devils are born. Even one of them can bring destruction to any location they visit....

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