Chapter 354: The Competition

Already, Yang Qi was getting a much better understanding of the situation in the Hanging Mountain, including some aspects which were not public knowledge.

As it turned out, the Hanging Mountain took orders, not just from a single immortal world, but from many. And the immortal worlds’ goal was to gain power from the will and faith of the people below them.

Unfortunately, there were powerful Great Sages and Demi-Immortals who didn’t wish to put their faith in others. They knew that cultivation was about independence and freedom. The focus was the self, and the proper attitude was: I am heaven, I am earth, I am the ultimate sovereign.

Putting faith in others could never lead to the ultimate heights of cultivation. That said, it was still necessary to follow the orders of the immortal worlds.

“Wait. You mean the Hanging Mountain takes orders from the immortal worlds, but doesn't exercise faith in them? How many immortal worlds are there in the universe?”

“We're not sure how many there are,” Father Leviathan said. “Perhaps as many as the grains of sand in the sea. Or maybe they exist without end. As for the...

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