Chapter 352: The Mammothfolk

Mammoth Force glared ominously at Yang Qi, and then back at Yan Wubing. It seemed like he was debating whether to keep on fighting, and the malice in his eyes couldn’t have been more intense. He had lost a huge amount of face, a humiliation that he couldn’t simply accept blithely.

However, after a moment, he let out a long breath which seemed to calm him down. “Your name is Yang Qi, right? You’ve made a big mistake here. But I need to take the high road, so I'm not going to stand around bickering. In the future, be careful. I know full well that you’re from the Rich-Lush Continent. Your whole family is still there, right? Piss me off, and everyone you know might get wiped out.”

“I dare you to do that,” Yang Qi said grimly. “If you touch a single person I know, or harm a single blade of grass in the Rich-Lush Continent, I’ll slaughter you. I swear it.”

Mammoth Force threw his head back and let out a stream of laughter. “You still think you’re a match for me? If old coot Yan hadn’t interfered, my Echo Heaven, Mirror Earth would have killed you, you puny Legendary. How dare you kill my subordinates! After besmirching my glory and might the way you have, if I didn't teach you a lesson, then people would think I'm a paper tiger. You just wait and see what happens eventually. It's not like old coot Yan is going to follow you around your whole life. Come on men, let’s go!”

With that, he turned and vanished, followed...

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