Chapter 349: Yan Wubing

It was with casual effort that Yan Wubing used a simple exhalation to stir magical laws and slaughter numerous enemies. It was power the likes of which Yang Qi had never witnessed. [1]

In fact, this sickly Yan Wubing was the most powerful person he had ever encountered.

Despite that immense display of strength, the man was acting very respectfully. He even folded his hands politely at his waist. “Young Master,” he said. “I’ve eliminated all the conspirators. Do you have any other orders, sir? I'm at your service in any capacity.”

“I wouldn't dare to impose on you,” Yang Qi said politely. “I'm a mere Legendary, and you’re an expert among experts. In fact, you really shouldn’t address me as ‘young master’.” Yang Qi was still having a hard time believing that this man was here to help him.

It was true that he had just killed two fifth step Great Sages as a show of goodwill, and seemed to be acting very humbly. He even directly stated that Yang Qi was the son of the Holy Mother. After everything Yang Qi had experienced in life, there was no way he would simply take the man’s word at face value. However, deep in his heart, he didn't feel any danger, and therefore, he decided to listen to him.

“Sir, you are the son of the Holy Mother,...

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