Chapter 348: A Debut

Yang Qi’s spear and its technique were supernatural in all aspects, and were the type that few people could comprehend. As for Di Shidao, he was a fifth step Great Sage, which placed him high among other Great Sages. 

The fact that Yang Qi could stand up to him, and even drive his true energy away, was shocking to say the least.

In fact, Emissary Red Lotus’ eyes nearly popped out of her skull in response.

“Di Shidao! We have to use the unique power of fifth step Great Sages! Quickly! However much vital energy it takes, connect with that ancient power and kill him! If we don’t end things, and he continues to power up, the Holy Mother’s people will realize that I betrayed her. If even the slightest clues get out, I'm dead!”

In some circles, people who reached the fifth step were called Ancient Sages, because they could reach into the many aspects of space-time to harness power from ancient worlds, and use it to temper themselves on a fundamental level. When they fought, every move they made was blessed by the power of ancient energy. With power from millions and millions of years in the past, they could even challenge the will of...

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