Chapter 348: A Debut

Yang Qi’s spear and its technique were supernatural in all aspects, and were the type that few people could comprehend. As for Di Shidao, he was a fifth step Great Sage, which placed him high among other Great Sages. 

The fact that Yang Qi could stand up to him, and even drive his true energy away, was shocking to say the least.

In fact, Emissary Red Lotus’ eyes nearly popped out of her skull in response.

“Di Shidao! We have to use the unique power of fifth step Great Sages! Quickly! However much vital energy it takes, connect with that ancient power and kill him! If we don’t end things, and he continues to power up, the Holy Mother’s people will realize that I betrayed her. If even the slightest clues get out, I'm dead!”

In some circles, people who reached the fifth step were called Ancient Sages, because they could reach into the many aspects of space-time to harness power from ancient worlds, and use it to temper themselves on a fundamental level. When they fought, every move they made was blessed by the power of ancient energy. With power from millions and millions of years in the past, they could even challenge the will of heaven.

Without any hesitation, Emissary Red Lotus thrust her hands out to unleash a bevy of magical laws that Yang Qi had never seen before, each of them strong enough to level mountains.


Yang Qi felt his vital energy trembling as the void around him opened, and an ancient energy erupted that didn't belong to this time period.

Emissary Red Lotus began to grow taller and larger, and she even sprouted horns from her head, until she was the picture of a consummate demon queen.

“I can control the domain of time!” Di Shidao shouted. “And I shall use the most ancient vital energy to deprive you of your life force!” Joining Emissary Red Lotus, he unleashed all of his magical laws, even drawing upon that which Yang Qi couldn't comprehend, preheaven vital energy from the ancient past.

Things referred to as “preheaven” were those types of vital energy that existed before heaven and earth were established. The Great Sage level was very mysterious and profound, and even touched on the magical laws of time itself.  Yang Qi hadn’t even come to complete enlightenment regarding the magical laws of space, much less the even higher-level magical laws of time.

Now, both Di Shidao and Emissary Red Lotus were unleashing streams of vital energy that filled the area and turned into a massive power field, with pressure that increased by a hundredfold in the shortest of moments, and prepared to crush Yang Qi out of existence.

Immediately, loud cracking sounds rang out from the God Legion Paradise.

Great Sages from the first through fourth step, who hadn’t gained understanding of time, and relied on pure power, were people that Yang Qi didn’t fear. The fifth step, however, was another level entirely. Even still, he was confident that he wouldn’t end up getting killed.

“You're both fifth step Great Sages?” he said. “Well, so what? You really think you can kill me? The mysteries of time originate with the legion of gods. Blaspheme time, and you’ll be demolished!”

He shrank his God Legion Paradise down, causing the numerous constellations networks inside to unleash vital energy. At the same time, the Yore-Wilds’ Heart fragment appeared, and emitted blinding red light that converged onto Yang Qi’s fist, like a tiny red sphere.

Instantly, intense rumbling sounds echoed out as numerous streams of ancient vital energy were swept away.

Then, Yang Qi bashed through the wall of the wormhole to step out into the void beyond. Then, he shoved his way through the spatial tempests until he was truly in outer space. At that point, he could see the true and real world, the darkness filled with endless specks of light, shooting stars, drifting continents, some of which were pitch black, others of which shone with dazzling light.

Outer space was eternal, both deathly and yet filled with life.


Even as he entered outer space, the space-time wormhole exploded, and both Emissary Red Lotus and Di Shidao emerged to chase after him, joined by other Demonfolk Great Sages.

Instead of fleeing, Yang Qi simply turned to face them.

“You're not going to be able to kill me,” he said calmly. “Even if you had more people on your side, it wouldn’t do any good, so why waste the effort? Emissary Red Lotus, you obviously weren’t sent by the Holy Mother to summon me, were you?”

“I wasn’t,” she replied. “You're a very suspicious character, and are probably the son of the Holy Mother. That makes you very valuable. You can't escape, you know. We’ve set up an inescapable trap that you won’t be able to evade no matter how you try.”

Di Shidao took a step forward. Glaring at Yang Qi, he said, “Stand down and wait to be taken into custody. I wasted a lot of my magical laws, and even drew ancient energy through the layers of time. That cost me some lifespan, and therefore, I'm not going to rest until you're in my hands. Your cultivation level is just too low. There’s no way you can fight all of us at the same time.”

Yang Qi didn’t say anything, but instead, looked off into the distance.

“What are you doing?” growled one of the evil Great Sages. “Just standing around looking at the scenery?”


In that very moment, the sound of a cough echoed about. It wasn’t loud, and was even a bit hard to hear. And yet, it echoed like thunder into the minds of everyone present.

Looks of shock appeared as everyone turned to look at a location some distance away, where a simple wooden door had appeared, covered with rustic decorations.

With a loud creak, the door opened, and a sickly, emaciated old man appeared.

The moment he was visible, he devolved into a fit of coughing. Eventually, the coughing passed, and the man took a breath and looked over at the group. Finally, his gaze came to rest on Yang Qi. Bowing at the waist, he said, “Young Master, your humble servant is late. I see you’ve been surrounded by villains. Well, at least you’re not hurt, sir. If you were, I would have owed a big explanation to the Holy Mother.”

“You!” Emissary Red Lotus blurted in shock. Everyone else looked similarly surprised. 

As for Di Shidao, his eyes went wide, and he said, “Yan Wubing! What are you doing here?” [1]

Everyone was visibly trembling, apparently out of fear of this sickly old man.

“I am Yan Wubing, steward to the Holy Mother,” he said, sounding somewhat weak and winded. Shifting his attention away from Yang Qi, he said, “Red Lotus, you forged a decree from the Holy Mother, and attempted to harm the Young Master. I'm here to take him away from you, and execute you for your crime. Young Master, there’s no need for alarm. The Holy Mother is currently in seclusion, attempting to connect with the will of the heaven on high. However, she is fully aware of everything which has been going on, including how you slaughtered multiple Great Sages and united the Rich-Lush Continent under your rulership. She’s very happy with how you’ve grown. Originally, she planned to wait until she was out of seclusion, and then come personally to visit you. Unfortunately, this rebel's actions came completely without warning. I suppose I can only blame my own incompetence for not picking up on the clues.”

“Run!” Di Shidao shouted, spinning to flee.

“You think you can just leave, Di Shidao? Not even your father Di Que could escape from me if he tried.” Looking as casual as casual could be, the old man stretched out an emaciated hand, and then slowly began to close it into a fist.


The magical laws of heaven and earth suddenly constricted in exaggerated fashion. The dome of heaven seemed to collapse into Yan Wubing's hand, and even nearby heavenly bodies trembled visibly. This was a divine ability from aeons in the past, something that could be used to pluck stars and snatch moons!

In that moment, Yang Qi shivered, suddenly aware of how terrifyingly powerful this seemingly sickly old man was. He surpassed Chancellor Demi-Immortal and Ghost Emperor Yama in every way imaginable!

Di Shidao screamed miserably as he was rendered completely powerless, and drifted there like a patch of seaweed.

“Don’t forget who I am in the Hanging Mountain, Yan Wubing! I'm extremely important to the August Patriarch! How dare you treat me like this!”

Despite the boldness of his words, Di Shidao’s voice trembled with fear.

Completely ignoring him, Yan Wubing snapped his fist closed. Space shattered, and Di Shidao exploded, sending blood and gore flying out in all directions. A terrified scream escaped from his soul, only to be cut off as he was completely and utterly wiped out of existence.

A fifth step Great Sage had just perished.

“Yan Wubing! You….”

Cold dread seeped through Emissary Red Lotus’s veins at the sight of what had just played out. Without any hesitation, she caused an explosion of red lotus flowers to fill the area with projections that resembled her in every way. Then, all of the versions of herself fled in different directions.

“Flee!” The male Demonfolk Great Sages who had surrounded Yang Qi similarly tried to escape.

Ai!” Yan Wubing said. His mere exhalation created a white energy flow that, in the blink of an eye, filled all heaven and earth with destructive power.

A Great Sage was hit by the energy flow, and then shredded into powder.

Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop! Pop!!! 

One after another, Demonfolk Great Sages exploded into death. Each and every one of these individuals was famous and well-known, but just like that, they were killed by a mere exhalation!

Yang Qi’s scalp prickled with shock as the white energy then spread out and destroyed all of Emissary Red Lotus’s projections.

Soon, she was the only one left, and her beautiful face was a mask of terror. “Grand Steward Yan, please spare me! I might have betrayed the Holy Mother, but that’s not a sin deserving of death. I'm willing to pay for my crimes!”

Sounding as weak and sick as ever, Yan Wubing replied, “You were willing to hurt the Holy Mother’s son to earn a quick profit? You’re right, that’s not a sin deserving of death. It's a sin deserving of ten thousand deaths!” With that, he exhaled again, and the white energy became like a sword that streaked forth and chopped Emissary Red Lotus into mincemeat.

“Incredible….” Yang Qi breathed. There was no way he could match up to this Yan Wubing, not even if he had ten of himself added together. The only way he might come out on top was if the God Legion Seal helped him.

1. Yan Wubing: Yan is a surname that also means “swallow”. Wu means “not to have, no, none, not, lack” and Bing means “sickness, illness, disease”. For those who REALLY pay attention, yes, this is the same “Yan” from Yanhaven and the former Yan Clan from there. It's common enough that there is no reason to jump to the conclusion that they are related. His given name literally means “not ill, no sickness, without disease” and is a contrast to his sickly appearance and state. It's an odd name, and I considered interpreting it as a nickname. However, after much analysis, I'm fairly certain this is supposed to be an actual name. Oftentimes, Chinese people will name their children in ways that they hope will reflect their future nature. For example, parents might name a sickly child Wubing (no sickness), in the hope that the auspicious name would protect them later. It’s also possible to interpret it as a name he assumed later in life.

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