Chapter 347: Di Shidao

‘Be careful, Yang Qi,’ Emissary Red Lotus said to him via thought projection. ‘Di Shidao is a famous expert from among the male Demonfolk. He's a high-level Great Sage who is no weaker than me, and is classified as an Elder Sage. They must know about your special connection to the Holy Mother, which means that if you fall into their hands, they’ll definitely use you as a threat against her. Dammit. How could such a confidential matter have leaked to the public?’

Continuing to look at the interlopers with a cool smile, Yang Qi responded to Emissary Red Lotus, ‘Didn’t you just say that I was supposed to secretly infiltrate the male Demonfolk?’ 

‘That was the original plan. You were supposed to join the male Demonfolk, gain a high level of power and prestige, and then eventually be selected by the immortal world to join their ranks. The immortal world above is recruiting talented geniuses right now, and as the Holy Mother’s dearest relative, she wanted to help you get one of those spots. Besides, you have an amazing energy art, right? We heard that, as a Legendary, you destroyed numerous Great Sages. Well, in any case, it seems we need to change plans now. Back up into the protection of my defensive shield. I’ll handle Di Shidao.’

Seemingly unfazed, Yang Qi did as he was told, and backed up a bit until he was within the range of her defensive shield.

At this point, a faint, sinister smile spread out across Emissary Red Lotus’s face. Without any warning, she shouted, “Detonate!”

The instant she said the words, the demon-god command medallion in Yang Qi’s hand exploded, releasing power equal to the self-detonation of multiple Great Sages.

A destructive energy field spread out, with Yang Qi being in the middle of it all.

In the exact same moment, Emissary Red Lotus threw her hands out, sending five-colored light out to lock down the entire area, and causing the wormhole to begin sinking down on itself.

Nodding his head in approval, Di Shidao thrust his hand out in front of him, sending a column of black light toward Yang Qi. 

“Seven Banes Profound Radiant Heavenly Net!”

“Red Lotus Karmaflame; Melt Ghosts and Gods!” Shockingly, Emissary Red Lotus was joining Di Shidao in trying to ambush and kill Yang Qi. The demon-god command medallion had been a forgery, and had actually been made from a deeper core of godlightning. Even Ghost Emperor Yama had been fooled, indicating that it had probably been created by someone stronger than him.

“He's ours! This kid is smart, but there’s no way he can escape!”

“It seems highly likely that he really is the Holy Mother’s son!” Emissary Red Lotus said. “We have to get our hands on him. We can use him against the Holy Mother; maybe she’ll even break the law for his sake.”

“That’s exactly what the August Patriarch wants to happen.”

The Demonfolk didn't care much for etiquette and convention. For two Greater Demons to team up against a Legendary wasn’t a loss of face as far as they were concerned. In fact, they found it quite amusing.

“There’s no way the brat survived the detonation, right?” one of the Demon Sages said.

“If he did survive, he’s definitely crippled.”

“That demon-god command medallion was made from Heaven-Splitting Godlightning. That detonation could punch a hole in heaven, let alone in that brat. That said, he's strong. As a Legendary, he killed Great Sages, so it’s little wonder that he's the seed of the Holy Mother.”

“Gather his remains, and his discarnate soul, to give to the August Patriarch.”

The Great Sages immediately fanned out to surround the area where the detonation had occurred.

However, even as they did, a hand stretched out from the smoke, and it looked as pure and sparkling as porcelain. Instantly, the space in the area began to crystallize, a manifestation of the most terrifying power imaginable.

Before anyone could react, one of the first-step Great Sages among the male Demonfolk fell into the grip of that hand, and let out a bloodcurdling scream. In the next moment, he exploded into a haze of blood, which then faded away.

“Fall back! Quick!”

Everyone present quickly began to back away.

Suddenly, spatial power erupted out, parting the smoke to reveal a pure land, with Yang Qi standing in the middle, completely unharmed. He glowed with holy light, and his God Legion Battle Robe fluttered in the wind. He held a shadowy form in his hand, which was all that was left of the Great Sage he had just killed. However, even as that shadow struggled, it slowly transformed into ash.

As for the sage motes which were left behind, they were quickly absorbed into the pure land around Yang Qi.

“Well played, Emissary Red Lotus, Di Shidao,” Yang Qi said coolly. “You, two Great Sages from the Hanging Mountain, actually ambushed a Legendary.” Focusing on Emissary Red Lotus, he said, “You didn't come for me on orders of the Holy Mother, did you? You’re working for someone else.”

He seemed calm, and not the least bit surprised, almost as though he had predicted that this would all happen.

“The Heaven-Splitting Godlightning didn’t even hurt you?” Emissary Red Lotus said, visibly shocked. “What sort of defenses do you have?” At this point her attention was attracted to his personal domain. “What kind of domain is that? It's so strong!”

“Cut the crap, kid,” Di Shidao said. “You think that because you avoided the Heaven-Splitting Godlightning, that you’ll escape us? In the end, you're still just a Legendary. I’m putting an end to this right now. Let the Heaven-Demon Come! Let the Devil Destroy the Human World!”

Waving his hand out in front of him, he sent demon energy swirling out, along with masses of ghost energy to create numerous ghost lamps that burned with ghostfire.

His hand thrummed with the power of sage motes as it stretched out toward Yang Qi, accompanied by the wailing of ghosts, the howling of gods, the screaming of demons, and the dirges of corpses. In the blink of an eye, countless human heads shot out, mouths gaping in terrifying fashion.

Suddenly, Yang Qi spoke. “Even the Deathless will Pass Away; Even the Dazzling will Fall….” 

Then, he clenched his hand into a fist and punched out.

A heaven-rending, earth-crushing sound swept forth, destroying the ghost lamps and human heads. All of the ghostfire winked out.

Then, the fist continued on, bashing through Di Shidao’s defenses, and slamming into his personal domain. Yang Qi was using strength to fight strength. 

“Billowing Blood Sea!” Di Shidao shouted. Instantly, blood-colored light spilled out of his hands, creating a massive body of water that descended with deadly force toward Yang Qi.

“The Holy Ascend to Heaven, the Evil Fall to Corruption; Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust….” Yang Qi stood taller in the face of the rushing sea of blood, and allowed it to slam into him.

“Red Lotus Karmafire Sword!” Emissary Red Lotus said. As she extended her hand, countless red lotus petals flew out, which clumped together into a divine sword that looked almost like fire. Grabbing it, she slashed it through the air in devastating fashion toward Yang Qi’s back.

Yang Qi spun, eyes tracking the sword as he thrust out his palm, unleashing sagelight and countless magical laws. “Radiance and Light Shall Always Appear, Darkness and Gloom Shall Always Disperse; Only My Heart Shall Pass Through the Aeons!”


His palm struck the Red Lotus Karmafire Sword, and the entire weapon shattered into dust.

In response, Emissary Red Lotus began to back away, fear flickering in her eyes.

“When the Infernal Deity Spear Comes to the World of Men, Disgraced Souls will be Harvested Like Wheat!” Yang Qi turned again, and this time, the Infernal Deity Spear appeared in his hands, and he slashed it toward Di Shidao’s sage domain. Instantly, the images from hell sprang up around it, terrifying to the extreme.

This spear could pierce the most ancient entities, could destroy mythological beings, could harvest souls, and could slaughter immortals.

Nothing could stop it as it stabbed into Di Shidao’s sage domain, which was so weak that it seemed like it was made from paper.

Eyes widening, Di Shidao quickly shrank his domain downward, and simultaneously summoned a burning flame into it, which was none other than his Despondent Demonfire.

“You really think I can’t handle you, brat? I've been cultivating the Despondent Heart Sutra for thousands of years! I've pushed it to the ultimate level, and even though you’re strong, there’s no way you’re strong enough to stand up to that. Get ready to die!” 

“Despondent Heavenly Vault; Demon Saber!”

An enormous demon saber appeared in his hand, fully two-and-a-half meters long, and covered with the complex script of the ancient Demonfolk, all of which described the most despondent aspects of despair. 

“Soul Severing!”

With that saber in his hand, Di Shidao seemed like a bloodthirsty god of blood, climbing out of a coffin into the world of the living.

Yang Qi faced the deadly demon saber with utter calm, his spear in hand, the darkness of night spreading out around him as he met his enemy’s move.

At that point, a mysterious smile appeared on Di Shidao’s face, as his Soul Severing move transformed into a different attack. 

“You're too weak. Blood Guzzling!”

Blade light flashed, passing through a unique series of trajectories to pierce Yang Qi’s defensive true energy, and ignore the greyspace of his domain. In the blink of an eye, it was right in front of his neck.

It was a shocking saber move designed to remove the head of any enemy. After doing so, it would suck all the blood out of that person, to fulfil the ultimate meaning of the saber move Blood Guzzling.

However, even as the saber closed in on his neck, sparks showered in all directions; the blade couldn’t actually pierce his skin!

Yang Qi didn't seem the least bit flustered, as though he had been able to understand the profound secrets of the blade just by observing its movement through the air.

“That Which Profanes the Gods Shall be Destroyed; Only Those With Faith can Live for Time Immemorial.”

That was when a shocking spear strike was unleashed, smashing into the saber and reducing it to ashes.

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