Chapter 347: Di Shidao

‘Be careful, Yang Qi,’ Emissary Red Lotus said to him via thought projection. ‘Di Shidao is a famous expert from among the male Demonfolk. He's a high-level Great Sage who is no weaker than me, and is classified as an Elder Sage. They must know about your special connection to the Holy Mother, which means that if you fall into their hands, they’ll definitely use you as a threat against her. Dammit. How could such a confidential matter have leaked to the public?’

Continuing to look at the interlopers with a cool smile, Yang Qi responded to Emissary Red Lotus, ‘Didn’t you just say that I was supposed to secretly infiltrate the male Demonfolk?’ 

‘That was the original plan. You were supposed to join the male Demonfolk, gain a high level of power and prestige, and then eventually be selected by the immortal world to join their ranks. The immortal world above is recruiting talented geniuses right now, and as the Holy Mother’s dearest relative, she wanted to help you get one of those spots. Besides, you...

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