Chapter 345: Secrets

“Emissary Red Lotus?” Yang Qi murmured. “Who is this Holy Mother? And why does she want to see me? And here I thought it was going to take some work to get to the Hanging Mountain. From the message, it's obvious they know about the Rich-Lush Continent being united under my command. And now this Holy Mother sends an emissary to me? It seems highly, highly likely that the Holy Mother is my birth mother.”

Without any hesitation, he prepared to return to the Rich-Lush Continent.

Already, his heart was beginning to beat with excitement. At the same time, he felt a bit uneasy, and also uncertain.

It was like he had been searching for something for years, toiling away in the hopes of making a bit of progress toward it, only to have it suddenly appear right in front of him.

The Hanging Mountain was widely regarded as a holy land of the Demonfolk, and now its Holy Mother, a spectacular and seemingly invincible leader, a Demi-Immortal who surpassed Great Sages, was looking for him.

Nie Chaoguang realized exactly what was going on. He knew that...

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