Chapter 344: A Decree from the Holy Mother

This Emissary Red Lotus was a subordinate of the Holy Mother, and was here for Yang Zhan. Apparently, this was not an instance of monsters invading the Rich-Lush Continent.

Once everyone realized what was going on, they calmed down.

And it was around this point that Ghost Emperor Yama finally showed up.

Yang Qi had entrusted him with the Rich-Lush Continent, and it was a responsibility he was taking seriously. After all, if he did a good job, then Yang Qi was supposed to give him the Infernal Deity Spear, and that was a technique that, if he got it, would put him in the position of being able to kill virtually any enemy he faced.

‘She represents the Holy Mother? She’s Emissary Red Lotus from the Hanging Mountain, one of the Holy Mother’s five Lotus Emissaries!’ Not even Ghost Emperor Yama would take these women lightly. After all, they were from that most powerful of planetary systems, the Hanging Mountain.

The Hanging Mountain was known as a holy land of the Demonfolk, and in ancient times, they had been considered the most pure and orthodox of living beings. Humans had been a mere subsidiary branch of the Demonfolk. Of course, evolution amongst...

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