Chapter 343: People from the Hanging Mountain

After killing Wilds Everlasting, Yang Qi made sure that the blame would be shifted onto the Quake-Dawn Cathedral.

Waving his hand, he shattered all of the command medallions he had just tossed about, ensuring that the dust from them filled the area. Ordinary individuals would never notice the evidence, but any powerful experts who investigated the area would pick up on the clues.

If he made things too obvious, then anyone would be able to tell that the Quake-Dawn Cathedral was being framed.

The best thing to do was make sure the investigators were forced to work hard to uncover the evidence. Once the Quake-Dawn Cathedral was implicated, and they couldn’t provide a good explanation, it would hopefully lead to enough tension between them and the Grand-Wilds Mansion that any plans to invade the Rich-Lush Continent would be put on hold.

Yang Qi also benefited in that he now had access to Wilds Everlasting’s wealth, which included over a hundred sagely-grade spirit stones, and five heavenly-grade.

Those would be of great help in improving his cultivation base. At the moment, he was still...

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